How To Get Involved

Student Government Association Positions

The Student Government Association is broken up into two branches, the Executive Branch and the Legislative Branch, which work together to write legislation to improve our campus. Check out the list of Executive Branch positions and Legislative Branch positions or contact the SGA President for more information. 

SGA Committee Interest Form

At Western Illinois University, we have many committees that actively seek the student voice. There are a multitude of different committees that can fit your interests or time commitments. Check out the list of committees or view the Leahterneck Link form which contains more information. If you have any questions or concerns please contact the

Senator-at-Large Application Form

The WIU Student Government Association has 3 voting member seats in our senate, which fall to Senators-at-Large (SAL). SAL's serve as representatives of the student body and serve the campus as a whole. For more information contact the SGA President. 

Council on Student Elections and Representation

The Council on Student Elections and Representation shall serve to set, oversee, and evaluate the SGA election process on campus. CSER's members will work together to review and update SGA election rules, and oversee the candidates and the election process. The meeting time will be determined by the students' schedule. In order to serve, any member on the council must be in good judicial and academic standing with the University. If you have any questions contact the Attorney General.

For more information on SGA Election  and Election rules, kindly click the the link below:  SGA Election Info

Results of the election: 56th Legislative Session

  • Student Government President : Kyle Ramlow
  • Board of Trustee : Cody Cornell