Student Government Association Positions

The Student Government Association is broken up into two branches, the Executive Branch and the Legislative Branch, which work together to write legislation to improve our campus.

Executive Branch

The Executive Branch is charged with executing any and all necessary action required in the completion of all legislative decrees. The Executive Branch consists of a President, Vice President, Chief of Staff, Director of Finance, Attorney General, Director of Academic Affairs, Director of Student Services, Director of Technology, Director of Outreach, Director of Diversity and Inclusion and Student Member to the Board of Trustees.

The Executive Branch represents SGA in all University activities either directly or indirectly as deemed by the President.

Legislative Branch

The Legislative Branch, or Senate, consists of constituency elected Senators, a Speaker of the Senate, and a Speaker pro tempore. The Senate also consists of a Senate Clerk, who shall serve as a non-voting, ex-officio member.

The Senate represents various constituencies and seeks to enact legislation pertaining to the betterment of not only their respective constituencies, but also Western Illinois University as a whole.