Foundation & Development

Foundation Fellows Societies

Initial recognition begins at the Directors level when cumulative or outright giving reaches $10,000, or a planned gift in excess of $20,000 has been established. Additional categories recognize outright, cumulative and/or planned gifts at the $25,000 (Partners), $50,000 (Honors), $100,000 (Benefactors), $250,000 (Founders), $500,000 (Scholars) and $1,000,000 (Presidents) giving levels. Membership is voluntary and there are no dues or other obligations involved.

Other qualifying notes for all levels of the Foundation Fellows Societies include the following:

  • Corporate matching gifts may be included as part of an individual's qualifying gift for membership.
  • Spouses and life partners with combined cumulative giving totals can be considered as a single membership.

Foundation Fellows Society Associates

Foundation Fellows Society Associates recognizes corporations, businesses, foundations and other organizations that have made significant annual and cumulative contributions toward the advancement of Western Illinois University.

Recognition begins at the Patrons level when cumulative or outright giving reaches $20,000. Additional categories recognize outright and cumulative gifts at the $50,000 (Honors), $100,000 (Benefactors), $250,000 (Founders), $500,000 (Scholars) and $1,000,000 (Presidents) giving levels.

Legacy Society

The Legacy Society was established to recognize and honor alumni and friends who intend to provide for, or have provided for, Western Illinois University through a bequest, funded life insurance policy, life income contract, or other type of planned gift. Legacy Society members understand that Western Illinois University's successful advancement depends upon the active participation of individuals today. The Legacy Society, established in 1993, exists as a symbol of the vision and commitment imparted to future generations of Western Illinois University students, faculty, alumni and friends.


Foundation Fellows Heritage Society, established in 1998, recognizes gifts given in honor or memory of someone whose life has been deeply admired. Tributes and memorials offer a creative way to remember others. The Heritage Society recognizes the honoree in whose name the gift was given. Qualifications for the Heritage Society are:

  • Contributions in excess of $5,000 received from one or more contributors in honor of an individual.
  • An individual for whom a memorial fund has been established with contributions totaling more than $5,000 is also named as a member in memoriam.