University Marketing

WIU Trademark Licensing

What is a trademark?

A trademark is a unique identification used to distinguish products and services from other organizations or competitors. It may be a symbol, a design, or a word. An officially registered trademark is protected by law and restricts the use of the trademark to its owner. Trademarks also provide consumer protection, helping identify and promote legitimate products of the organization.

What is trademark licensing?

Trademark licensing is the means by which Western Illinois University protects the University's name, identifying marks, logos, and reputation by ensuring that all products bearing its name or likeness are of the finest quality and reflect positively on the University.

Who manages the trademark licensing program?

The WIU Trademark Licensing Program is administered by the Trademark Licensing Administrator in the office of University Marketing. The division partners with Learfield Licensing Partners (LLP) for royalty management and regulation of WIU licensees.

What is the University's licensing policy?

All vendors who apply a WIU trademark (logos: belltower, Western Illinois sweep, Rocky logo, and/or word marks: Western Illinois University, Leathernecks, WIU) must be a registered licensee through the University's trademark licensing partner, Learfield Licensing Partners (LLP).

For-profit and non-resale items distributed to promote the institution must be produced by a licensed vendor. In addition, product concept, artwork, logos, and word marks must be approved prior to production.

For more information on ordering licensed WIU products to promote your organization, department or event or to become a licensed vendor, call 298-1861 or email Approval for the use of WIU trademarks will not be granted to vendors not licensed through LLP .

What products need to be licensed?

Any product bearing the marks (logo, words, symbol, design, or any combination thereof) of Western Illinois University must be licensed. A list of licensed vendors (licensees) can be found at the Learfield Licensing Partners (LLP).

What is a "licensee?"

A "licensee" is a manufacturer (business, corporation, or sole proprietor) who has been approved to apply WIU logos and word marks to its products. In exchange for the privilege of doing so, the licensee submits a usage fee or royalty to the University. Royalty revenues are used for additional promotional and marketing opportunities for Western Illinois University.

Does the artwork need to be approved?

All artwork and designs, as well as, the quality of the product must be approved prior to production.

What are the guidelines for artwork approval?

Artwork submitted is approved on a case-by-case basis utilizing the following criteria: display of clearly identifiable "licensed marks", demonstration of high quality and good taste, and exclusion of subtle messages and/or fraudulent references.