College of Education & Human Services

Update #8: 3.3.2022

Team Numbers

  • Look here for your team number.

Update 8.1

Event Resources

  • The following resources should NOT be given to students unless they have trouble accessing the information during the testing session. 

Detector Building Concentrations

  • Saline Solutions

    • Please prepare three saline solutions for the students to use in the testing phase. The devices are not being graded on how accurately they measure saline concentrations. Therefore, your solutions do not need to exactly match the requested concentrations below, but it would be good if they were close. To make the solutions, you can dissolve table salt in distilled water, or you can mix distilled water with 0.9% saline solution (available from companies such as Grainger).   Instructions are given for both methods to make 100 milliliters of each test solution.

Update 8.2

Have you turned in your paperwork?   

Make sure you check the box stating you have student release paperwork from each team member!

The following paperwork must be completed to compete this season:

  • Registration Form (one per Varsity and one per each Junior Varsity team).  It must include your principal’s signature. Please email a scanned copy to on or before March 5, 2022

  • Participant Release Forms -to be kept at school by the coach. Paperwork must be accessible if needed during the tournament. These forms do not need to be turned in electronically due to the new SOPPA guidelines. 

  • Please look HERE to see if your team has submitted paperwork completely.

  • PLEASE do not submit this form until you have all participant release forms!

C LEVEL: All build event script submissions are due by 5PM on March 11th.  


Distance Requested or Materials Needed

Event Guidelines & 

Script Link for Submissions 

(This is also posted in Scilympiad for students.)



Detector Building 

Device will be scored: 

  • 100% of points - build device and show it works

  • 50% of points - build device and it does not work (video d/n show that it works correctly)

  • 0% of points - did not build device

Exp. Design

Materials Needed: 

Print one copy of the Exp. Design packet for each team. 


3 - meter stick

5 - textbooks or thick books that are stackable

1 -  small metal can (the kind that tomato paste is commonly sold in) emptied with both ends removed.  It should be a hollow cylinder with negligible thickness. 

1 -  short PVC tube segment (1in to 1.5in inside diameter, around 4in in length)

1 -  solid metal sphere

1 -  large roll of tape

1 - tennis ball

Will be given to students during their scheduled testing time. 

Gravity Vehicle 

Target distance = 4.5 meters

It’s About Time 

Target times =

          Trial 1: 55 seconds

          Trial 2: 210 seconds

          Trial 3: 145 seconds

Ping Pong Parachute