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Western Illinois University Regional Science Olympiad

Since 1987 the Science Education Center has hosted the Western Illinois University Regional Science Olympiad competition. Approximately 15-20 junior high/middle schools and high schools participate in this event. School teams compete in science events which requires students to demonstrate their knowledge in science content and science process skills as well as scientific technological process and skills. Dr. Sebastian Szyjka serves as the Director of the WIU Regional Science Olympiad.

Website Links for Schools, Parents, Coaches & Teams

Rules & Logistics Manual for 2021

The rules are intended for coaches, teams, event supervisors, and tournament helpers. The Event Logistics Manual is intended for Event Supervisors and tournament helpers. 

  • Division C Rules Manual
  • Division B Rules Manual
  • 2021 Event Logistics Manual (Updated for 2021 with new information concerning COVID-19 precautions and Satellite and mini SO tournament formats! Essential information for the best spaces to run particular events, estimated hours of preparation time, minimum suggested supplies to run the event, the number of helpers needed and tips about events.)

Regional Tournament Dates for 2021 (Updated as of 2.11.2021)

March 6, 2021
  • March 6, 2021 (Saturday, all online using Scilympiad. The State has established the "Mini" as the format for the March 6th tournament. This format includes ALL events categorized as "No Modifications Needed" and "Modifications Needed" and "Drive-Through Events," which are now ALL virtual. Click here to see list of "No Modification Needed" & "Modifications Needed" events. Team names/numbers can be found in the Coaches Meeting Power Point from 12.28.2020 above. 
  • Students will be competing for medals for all events but only the regular events and events with modification scores will be used to determine the team ranking. 
  • All teams in the state will be competing through this platform but the scores will be divided by regional.  The regional and state schedule is posted on the ISO website and can be found here. 
  • In order to ensure that the Scilympiad platform works and your students are ready for the upcoming ISO Regional tournament, ISO will also be hosting a practice tournament on Saturday, February 20, 2021.  This tournament will mirror the March 6 regional tournament schedule but the competition will be abbreviated.  There will be sample event questions and the students will spend a maximum of 15 minutes on their event.The awards ceremony will be held virtually via Avogadro on March 13, 2021 at 5:00PM. 
  • Coaches and Event Supervisors will be using the Scilympiad platform to enter team’s information and upload team’s paperwork. Video instructions on how to register for Scilympiad platform, how to sign up for the Illinois Practice Regional and Illinois Regional, and register your students in the Scilympiad platform can be found here or below in one of the Scilympiad Updates.  Please complete the required data entry as soon as possible. 
  • Something that the webmaster for the Scilympiad website is noticing is that a lot of teams are only creating one team. Please be aware that once you create an account, you have to  add a team  for every team (V and JV). Click here to use the PDF with directions so that you enter multiple teams as applicable.
  • All teams need to select a track even if they only have a varsity team.  A lot of teams have not done so. Please go in and confirm. A PDF document is provided here with steps on how to do this!
  • Event Modifications for 2020-2021 (click here)
  • The following forms must be completed through the coaches compliance dashboard in Scilympiad. (1) Team Registration with principal signature (was yellow form) (Coaches complete and upload to Scilympiad); (2) Demographics (Coaches complete); (3) Medical (Students complete and provide to coach); (4) Participation form (Students/guardians complete within the Scilympiad system)
  • "Drive-Through" events for the C-Division are now offered as 100% virtual for 2021.  Event Supervisor's are being provided by the State for the WIU Regional C-Division. Event supervisors will follow State mandated directions for modifications - which include the use of video. 
  • As of 2.11.2021, there are 4 medal totals for WIU Varsity C. 

Scilympiad Updates 

In early February, the State has set up a system for messages to coaches and teams that will be released regularly - almost on a daily basis. Science Olympiad organizers hope preparations for your team’s participation in the Regional Tournament scheduled for Saturday, March 6 are well under way. Click on each update below:

Update 1: 2.9.2021 

Enrollment & Registration, Adding Students, & Student Scilympiad Accounts.

Update 2: 2.11.2021 

Rules Modification, Video Events, Practice Tournament Sign-Up, Helpful Videos, Registered Schools & Paperwork, ZOOM/Google Meet, & Important Dates for Coaches & Teams.

Update 3: 2.14.2021

The purpose of this update is to address any last minute Coach Scilympiad concerns before the practice Tournament happening on February 20. 

Update 4: 2.16.2021

Planning Survey & Practice Tournement Sign-up & Coaches informational meetings through ZOOM

Update 5: 2.19.2021

Tournament Schedule, Build Events, Event Questions, Coaches Meeting, Release Forms, Material List, Updated for February 20, 2021 Practice, Materials for WIDI and Experimental Design

2021 Central Illinois Olympiad Participating Schools (Updated as of 2.11.2021)

The State has made some adjustments to the B-division competition at the regional level. Because there are so few division B teams downstate this year, the teams from WIU, Belleville East, and Parkland have been combined into one regional that is called the Central Illinois Division B Regional.  Each of the regional directors from these regionals will be splitting up duties. This does not affect the C-division competition, as Dr. Sebastian Szyjka remains the WIU Regional Director and can be contacted at

Division B

  • Farmington Central Junior High School (Coaches: Jeff Weyers & Trish Fields)
  • Franklin STEAM Academy (Coach: Brian Rosten)
  • Glenn Raymond School (Coaches: Troy Simpson & Ashley O'Brien)
  • Liberty Junior High School (Coach: Stephanie Hodgson & Rochelle Luaders)
  • Millstadt Consolidated School (Coach: Kathy Alt)
  • Neoga Jr. High School (Coach: Lieran Schuette)
Division B (Junior Varsity)
  • Glenn Raymond School (Coaches: Troy Simpson & Ashley O'Brien)
  • Liberty Junior High JV (Coach: Stephanie Hodgson & Rochelle Luaders)

2021 WIU Science Olympiad Participating Schools (as of 12.12.2020)

Division C
  • Canton High School (Coach: Lynn Isbell)
  • Farmington Central High School (Coach: Jeff Weyers & Trish Fields)
  • Lewistown Junior-Senior High School (Coaches: Gina Simpson & Wendy Johnson)
  • Liberty High School (Coaches: Rochelle Luaders & Stephanie Hodgson)
  • Macomb Senior High School (Coach: Thomas Johnson)
  • Mercer County High School (Coaches: Cindy Simpson & Matthew Simpson)
  • Rochester High School (Coaches: Molly Godar & Curtis Simonson)
  • West Central High School (Coaches: Cindy Seibert & Bob Fleming)

WIU Regional FORMS (Pre-Tournament packet) Instructions 

Use Scilympiad to load all applicable forms for the 2020-2021 season. For the 2021-2022 season, print, complete, scan to PDF, and submit applicable forms as an attachment to the Google Drive folder that has been shared with your coach/team prior to the day of the tournament. In order to better organize the PDF scans, separate each batch of forms (e.g., Participant Release form) into one file in Google Drive that includes all pages submitted for that form. These forms are general, so coaches will need to include the year and location of the tournament along with applicable names/signatures. 

WIU Regional FORMS (Event-Day Packet) Instructions for 2022 

WIU Regional Science Olympiad Programs

Important Dates For Coaches and Teams for 2021 

  • February 11 - ISO Directors Meeting
  • February 16 - 6:30 pm Regional Directors & Coaches meeting
  • February 17th - Scilympiad opens for practice for builds 
  • February 20th - Practice Tournament for all events including video build events (includes ZOOM help room)
  • February 25th - Event Supervisor Q&A
  • By February 26th - Lists for events with download, shopping or other needs will be published and Scilympiad opens for regional for builds
  • February 28th - Scilympiad opens for regional for builds
  • March 2 - Director contacts teams who have not turned in forms for C-Division
  • March 4 - All forms including Demographic Information Due
  • March 6 - Regional Tournament
  • March 12 Graded results due from March 6 to WIU Director for input into Avogadro (C-Division)
  • March 13 - Awards Ceremony at 5PM for WIU Regional C-Division
  • March 16 - Registration opens for state for builds
  • April 3 - Scilympiad opens for state
  • April 10 - State
  • April 17 - State