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Western Illinois University Regional Science Olympiad

Since 1987 the Science Education Center has hosted the Western Illinois University Regional Science Olympiad competition. Approximately 15-20 junior high/middle schools and high schools participate in this event. School teams compete in science events which requires students to demonstrate their knowledge in science content and science process skills as well as scientific technological process and skills. Dr. Sebastian Szyjka has served as the Director of the WIU Regional Science Olympiad since fall 2019.

Website Links for Schools, Parents, Coaches & Teams

Science Olympiad Awards

Medal medal Medal

  • WIU Regional Awards Presentations: 
  • 2022 Awards PDF
  • 2021 Awards PDF
  • Release of Final Scores and Point Totals for Division C Teams: 
  • 2022 WIU Regional Tournament scores published in  Avogadro after ceremony.

Rules & Logistics Manual for 2022

The rules are intended for coaches, teams, event supervisors, and tournament helpers. The Event Logistics Manual is intended for Event Supervisors and tournament helpers.

Important Dates for 2022 

  • October 16, 2021: Board Meeting, Regional Directors at 8am, Invite Directors 10am
  • Coaches Clinic: November 5-6, 2021 - virtual
  • Practice Regional: February 12, 2022
  • Regional: March 12, 2022 - virtual (Awards will be presented on Sunday, March 20, 2022 at 6PM)
  • State: April 23, 2022

Team Registration for 2022

  • Registration Link Opens August 15, 2021, 5pm
  • $225 Varsity $175 JV
  • November 15 - $250 Varsity and $200 JV
  • January 7th - Final deadline

2022 WIU Science Olympiad Participating Schools  

Division C
  • Canton High School (Coach: Lynn Isbell)
  • Dunlap High School (Coach: Sarah Lueschow)
  • Farmington Central High School (Coach: Jeff Weyers & Trish Fields)
  • Lewistown Junior-Senior High School (Coaches: Gina Simpson & Wendy Johnson)
  • Liberty High School (Coaches: Rochelle Luaders & Stephanie Hodgson)
  • Macomb Senior High School (Coach: Thomas Johnson)
  • Mercer County High School (Coaches: Cindy Simpson & Matthew Simpson)
  • Rochester High School (Coaches: Molly Godar & Rhonda Goad)
  • Western High School (Coach: Misti McCallister)

Science Olympiad Regional Updates

WIU Regional FORMS (Pre-Tournament packet) Instructions 

For the 2022-2023 season, print, complete, scan to PDF, and submit applicable forms as an attachment to the Google Drive folder that has been shared with your coach/team several months prior to the day of the tournament. In order to better organize the PDF scans, separate each batch of forms (e.g., Participant Release form) into one file in Google Drive that includes all pages submitted for that form. These forms are general, so coaches will need to include the year and location of the tournament along with applicable names/signatures. 

WIU Regional FORMS (Event-Day Packet) Instructions 

WIU Regional Science Olympiad Programs

  • 2020 Program (PDF)
  • 2021 Program (no program for 2021 due to ISO running regional through Scilympiad)
  • 2022 Program (no program for 2022 due to ISO running regional through Scilympiad)
  • 2023 Program (PDF)