College of Education & Human Services

Update #9: 3.9.2022

We hope your teams are enjoying their LAST WEEK of learning and preparation before the statewide Regional tournament!   It has been another unique year and we are so grateful for each of you for stepping in and providing this experience for so many of our young minds.   

REMINDER: All build/hybrid submissions are due this Friday by 5PM. 

Regional ZOOM room

Awards Ceremony/Medals

  • Will occur on Sunday, March 20th @ 6PM

  • More information from regional director coming soon

  • All teams will know their bid to state during Awards Ceremony .  

    • Division B teams - 50 teams

    • Division C teams - 52 teams

  • IF you advance to the state tournament…

    • March 31st: The state list of materials and target information will be released to teams. 

    • April 21st: Build submissions due by 5PM. 

    • April 23rd: STATE TOURNAMENT

State Apparel:

  • Please visit this link to order your state gear!! 

Reminders for Students: 

  • Please remind students to log into scilympiad and make sure they can see their event! 

  • If students are sending a message to an event supervisor using the chat function, it is helpful to include their school name and team number.  

  • Please let students know not to work on the same question at the same time.  Whoever types in the window last will have their information saved.  

  • Also, please remind students that once they are finished typing a response, they need to move their cursor out of the response box and place it elsewhere so their response is recognized by Scilympiad. 

  • When students are done competing, please remind them to log out of Scilympiad and close the tab.  This will help the overall functionality of the system. 

Reminders for Coaches: