College of Education & Human Services

Social Studies Center

The Social Studies Department hosts a resource room in Horrabin Hall where teachers-in-training can find a wealth of information relating to social studies education.  The Social Studies Center, located in HH79, contains textbooks for grades K-12 in every social studies subject appropriate at each grade level, including geography, world studies, US history, economics, civics, and government.  Accompanying many of the textbooks are teacher resources on CD-ROM, including lesson supplements, quizzes and chapter reviews, and audio CDs of the textbook.  The Center also boasts a collection of grade-appropriate children's literature materials that deal with social studies subjects and historical events.

Other resources found in the Social Studies Center include:

Traveling Trunks
The SSC is home to two traveling trunks, the Illinois Indians Traveling Trunk and the Southwest Indians Traveling Trunk.  Each trunk is a complete and self-contained unit comprised of lesson plans, manipulatives, artifacts, children's literature, and classroom activities.  They are able to be checked out to area teachers free of charge and are excellent resources

Geography Resources
A geography cabinet located in the Center contains various classroom and teacher resources as well as fun geography-centered games and activities for your students to partake in. 

Global Education Resources
A Global Education cabinet located in the SSC contains resources pertaining to the teaching of global ed., including cookbooks from around the world, global issues, and multicultural materials for teaching students about the diverse world in which we live. 

Found within the Social Studies Center is a SMART Board, a technologically-advanced whiteboard that allows for multi-student and teacher-student collaboration as well as small group interactive learning. 

American History Resources
The SSC received grant money from the "Learning Our Past, Securing Our Future: An Enduring Partnership in Excellence" U.S. History Program.  This grant money was used to purchase a wealth of primary and secondary sources for learning about and teaching American History.  Resources include primary source portfolios, VHS and DVD videos, music CDs, teaching units and lessons, and more.