Counselor Education

Invited Applicants

The interview is designed to identify personal attributes that are recognized as professional dispositions important to effectiveness in the helping professions. The interview, while personal, is never invasive. You will be asked eleven questions that do not solicit or require you to disclose confidential information that would compromise your safety or personal relationships.

Faculty members may follow-up your responses to clarify your meaning or in an effort to help you understanding the intent of the question asked. The purpose of the interview is to provide a climate in which you are comfortable sharing those personal attributes that are recognized as correlates of "professional dispositions." The process is intended to be personal yet supportive; although the process can evoke unexpected emotions, the screening interview is designed to provide candidates with a sense of safety and support. Any concerns the committee have developed during the application process and/or during the screening interview will be addressed at the end of the interview. Applicants will have the opportunity at the end to ask any questions that they might have.

The Selection and Retention Committee will make recommendations for admission consideration once all screening interviews are complete.Those applicants invited to the screening interview will receive written notification of acceptance or denial into the Department of Counselor Education. If accepted, applicants will receive an e-mail indicating the process they need to take should they accept the offer of admittance into the Department. Invited applicants are required to submit a background check prior to attending the mandatory CNED New Student Orientation.

Background Check

Applicants who are admitted into the department via email notification will be required to complete a background check. 

    • Students may be prohibited from completing field work if background investigations reveal certain criminal offences, arrests, and/or convictions.
    • It is important to be aware that some schools/agencies may have additional background investigations prior to acceptance at their field site.
  • Please review the Criminal Background Investigation Policy. If there are further questions, email the Department of Counselor Education ( for additional information.