Curriculum and Instruction

WIU-QC Sequence of Coursework - Early Childhood Education 

Non ATT Candidates Transferring from Black Hawk

    1. Non AAT candidates attending Black Hawk will need to complete the general education and program specific lower division requirements for early childhood majors at WIU, as well as the following child development courses offered at Black Hawk:

CD 100 Introduction to Early Childhood(articulated as ECH 271)

CD 202 Observation and Guidance of the Young Child

CD 203 Curriculum for Early Childhood Programs

CD 200 Growth and Development of the Young Child

  1. While CD 200, CD 202, and CD 203 are not articulated to ECH 273 or 274, we will accept these three courses as meeting the requirements for ECH 273 and ECH 274.
  2. Non AAT candidates will complete EIS 302 and IDT 285.

Semester 1 - Fall

Semester 2 - Spring

LLA 311 (Literature for Young Children, 3 s.h.)
ECH 351 (Science and Math for Young Children, 4 s.h.)
ECH 353 (Methods/Teaching Soc. Studies & Creative Exp,4 s.h.)
ECH 355 (Organization & Adm. of Preprimary Learning Envir.,2 s.h.)
ECH 380 (Field Work, ECH I. 1 s.h)

14 s.h.

RDG 382 (Literacy Development: Birth - Preschool -3 s.h.)
SPED 310 (The Exceptional Individual, 3 s.h.)
CSD 312 (Normal Development of Speech and Language, 3 s.h.)
C&I 476g (Parent/community Involvement, 3 s.h.)
IDT 285 (Technology Integration Standards for Pre-Service Teachers, 3 s.h.)
*EIS 302 (Multicultural and Social Foundations of Education, 3 s.h.)

18 s.h.

Semester 3 - Fall

Semester 4 - Spring

RDG 383 (Literacy Instruction in the Early Grades, 3 s.h.)
SCED 352 (Methods/Teaching Science in Primary Grades, 3 s.h.)
SSED 354 (Methods/Teaching Soc. Studies in Primary Grades, 3 s.h.)
ECH 381 (Field Work, ECH II, 1 s.h.)
ECH 356 (The Learning Environment, K-Primary, 2 s.h.)
IDT 278 (Assistive Technology for Students with Special Needs, 1 s.h.)

15 s.h.

RDG 432 (Intro. To Corrective Rdg in ECH, 3 s.h.)
ECH 480 (Field Work in ECH III, 3 s.h.)
Math 362 (Teaching Math in Primary Grades, 3 s.h.)
ECH 474 (Early Childhood Assessment, 3 s.h.)

13 s.h.

Semester 5 - Fall


Student Teaching (16 weeks)

ECH 410 (Senior Seminar in ECH, 1 s.h.)


* EIS 302 may be take in Semester 1

Field Experience

ECH 380 (Field Work in Early Childhood Education, I): Candidates visit and participate in a number of pre-primary classrooms and centers.

ECH 381 (Field Work in Early Childhood Education, II): Candidates assist a K-3 classroom teacher and work with individual or small groups of children.

ECH 480 (Field Work in Early Childhood Education , III): Candidates spend half days in a pre-primary and primary classroom for thirteen weeks teaching a variety of lessons.

Student Teaching: Candidates complete eight weeks in a pre-primary classroom and eight weeks in a primary classroom. Candidates also enroll in ECH 410 (Senior Seminary in Early Childhood Education) this semester. IN ECH 410, candidates correspond with an early childhood faculty member via email as they complete the Western Teacher Work Sample.