Educational Leadership


Successful completion of an internship is required for administrative certification as principal (EDL 555) and for superintendent (EDL 655). In both cases, the internship is taken for two semester hours of credit in Fall and Spring semesters or in Spring and Fall semesters, for a total of four credit hours over the two semesters. A minimum of 75 clock hours of planned activity is required for each semester hour of credit. Internships are carried out under the supervision of a school administrator and a faculty member in the Department of Educational Leadership.

Download -  Graduate Internship Application (PDF)

Application Deadlines: September 15 (Spring/Fall Sequence) OR February 15 (Fall/Spring Sequence)

Principal Intern Seminars

Spring Semester, 2013

02/04 6:30-8:30 Macomb Room 82
02/06 6:30-8:30 WIU/QC Room
04/08 6:30-8:30 Macomb HH82
04/10 6:30-8:30 WIU/QC Room