RPTA-QC Accelerated with Natural Resources Management Degree Track - Clinton, Muscatine and Scott Community Colleges

Program of Study

The EICCD/WIU-QC Natural Resources Management Track is an accelerated curriculum plan that prepares students for careers in outdoor recreation and natural resources management. Students can complete the Associate of Science in Conservation Technology and the Bachelor of Science in Recreation, Park and Tourism Administration with a minor in Environmental Studies in three years of study. This interdisciplinary professional preparation curriculum provides students with in-depth knowledge of the natural and social sciences needed to optimize the management of natural areas for the benefit of both the natural environment and the outdoor recreation visitor. Students will be exposed to a wide variety of learning environments, including classroom instruction, labs, fieldwork, and internship experiences. Careers in natural resources management include conservation scientist, forester, naturalist and environmental educator, park ranger, and wildlife biologist.

Environmental and occupational health EICCD/WIU-QC Natural Resources Management Track Accelerated Course Sequence

RPTA = 48 SH
Environmental Studies = 18 SH
WIU = 63 SH

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Location of Classes

Students following the EICCD/WIU-QC Natural Resources Management Track will take classes at both Western Illinois University–Quad Cities and the Nahant Marsh Education Center in Davenport. The WIU-QC campus offers the latest in classroom teaching technology while the Nahant Marsh Education Center is located on a 262-acre nature preserve on the Mississippi River.

Special Opportunities

  • Students graduating with a B.S. in Recreation, Park & Tourism Administration are immediately eligible to sit for the examination to become a certified park and recreation professional and thereby acquire this valuable credential for professional advancement.
  • EICCD’s Conservation Technology program works closely with local environmental agencies to offer additional training opportunities, such as wildland firefighter, water safety, wilderness first aid, and many more.
  • Professional mentors are available to advise students on career options. Mentors help students with résumés and cover letters, introducing them to other leisure services practitioners and inviting them to participate in professional association events.
  • Each spring, the department sponsors the Professional Development Conference, during which alumni of the department return and present seminars on topics that are purposeful for young professionals.
  • The RPTA department also offers travel workshops, which are opportunities for students to gain additional learning, skills, and professional preparation broadly in the field. The travel workshops are scheduled throughout the year and vary with each course in terms of credit available.
  • Students are required to do a 12-week internship that may occur during the fall, spring, or summer. Students research, interview, and select (along with the internship coordinator) an appropriate site. In addition to the site supervisor, each student will be assigned a faculty supervisor to work with during the internship.

Cost Guarantee

In addition to guaranteed graduation in four years or less, Western will freeze your tuition and fees for all WIU courses for the length of the RPTA-QC program. To maintain the tuition and fees freeze, you will need to be continuously enrolled. This cost guarantee applies to all new students, full- and part-time.

Financial Aid

Concerned about college costs? Clinton, Muscatine, and Scott Community Colleges offer excellent value, with tuition among the lowest in the state of Iowa. Financial aid is also available in the form of grants, loans, work-study, and a wide range of scholarship opportunities. Students wishing to apply for federal or state financial aid should complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) at FAFSA.ed.gov. For more information, visit our website at eicc.edu/financialaid, or contact us at (888) 336-3907.

Accelerated Course Sequence

EICCD/RPTA-QC Three-Year Degree Plan

Year 1

Fall (14 + 3 = 17 sh)
  • ENG 105 (3) English Composition I1
  • BIO 114 (4) General Biology I Lab1
  • ENV 111 (4) Environmental Science1
  • CNS 150 (1) Occupations in Conservation1
  • CNS 105 (2) Conservation1
  • RPTA 230 (3) Leadership in Leisure Services2
Spring (14 + 3 = 17 sh)
  • BIO 137 (2) Field Ecology1
  • BIO 115 (4) General Biology II Lab1
  • ENG 106 (3) English Composition II1
  • CNS 137 (2) Fisheries Management1
  •                (3) Cultural/historical elective1
  • RPTA 111 (3) Introduction to Leisure Services2 *
Summer (5 sh)
  • CNS 901 (2) Wilderness Experience
  • RPTA Elective (3)

Year 2

Fall (16 + 3 = 19 sh)
  • CNS 131 (2) Wildlife Habitat Management1
  • BIO 133 (3) Ecology1
  • PHS 172 (4) Physical Geology1
  • CHM 122 (4) Introduction to General Chemistry1
  • RPTA Electives (3) arts/humanities elective1
  • RPTA 235 (3) Programming Principles & Applications in Leisure Services2
Spring (14 + 3 = 17 sh)
  • CNS 132 (2) Wildlife Management1
  • SPC 112 (3) Public Speaking1
  • POL/PSY 111 (3) American National Government/Intro to Psychology1
  • MAT 156 (3) Statistics1
  • RPTA Elective (3) arts/humanities elective1
  • RPTA 376 3 Perspectives in Outdoor Recreation2 **
Summer (5 sh)
  • CNS 903 (2) Wilderness Experience
  • RPTA Professional Elective (3)

Year 3

Fall (16 sh)
  • ENVR 201 (3) Introduction to Environmental Studies3
  • GEOG 426 (3) Conservation and Management of Natural Resources3
  • RPTA 448G (3) Interpretation of Cultural and Environmental Resources3
  • RPTA 398 (1) Internship Seminar2
  • RPTA 322 (3) Administration of Leisure Services2
  • (3) RPTA professional elective2
Spring (17 sh)
  • ENVR 401 (3) Colloquium on Environmental Studies3
  • BIOL 350 (4) General Ecology3
  • RPTA 482G (3) Facility Management2
  • RPTA 397 (3) Research and Evaluation in Leisure Services2
  • RPTA 399 (1) Issues in Leisure Services2
  • RPTA 323 (3) Administration of Leisure Services II
Summer (13 sh)
  • RPTA 499 (12) Internship in Leisure Services2
  • RPTA 490 (1) Independent Study2