The Internship Advantage

Internship Advantage - RPTA displayInternships and fieldwork experiences can give you an employment advantage in a competitive job market. Employers of choice are interested not only in your degree, but also the relevant work experiences and applied skills that you can bring to their agencies. All RPTA students complete a 100 clock-hour field work experience and a 480 clock-hour internship. These supervised work experiences give students hands-on training where they can apply their classroom knowledge under the guidance of experienced recreation, health and human services professionals. All RPTA students are properly prepared for their fieldwork and internship experiences by learning how to search for suitable agencies, compose cover letters and resumes, and practice interview techniques. As well, under the guidance of the RPTA faculty, students create portfolios of their work and volunteer experiences that they can use for internship and career advancement.


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"I like RPTA because you get hands-on experience"
-Brianne P.