Internships in RPTA                                                        

RPTA provides professional internships for Undergraduate and Graduate students. The internships are hand picked by the student in consultation with faculty to provide a rich, individualized learning experience. Internships and fieldwork experiences can give you an employment advantage in a competitive job market. Employers are interested not only in your degree, but also the relevant work experiences and applied skills that you can bring to their agencies. All RPTA students complete a 480 clock-hour internship. These supervised work experiences give students hands-on training where they can apply their classroom knowledge under the guidance of experienced recreation, health and human services professionals. 

ah I had an amazing summer working for the  USDA Forest Service Wildlife Department in Colorado via their Pathways Internship program. Working with nature has always been my passion. Here our team captured Black Swifts at Zapata Falls for banding, measurements, and DNA samples. The RPTA Graduate Program at WIU was an impressive tool in preparing me for my career as a Natural Resource Specialist. The RPTA Graduate program and professional internship exit option provided me with the experience and knowledge needed to pursue my dream career.

 ~ Amber (B.A. 2014, M.S. 2015)




QC Center The Quad Cities Convention and Visitors Bureau hosts at least one intern per year and are provided with practical, real world experience in tourism. Projects vary by the student's interest and needs but interns become part of the staff and are fully engaged in the work and operations of the bureau. Over the years, several interns have been hired as full-time employees as a result of being able to demonstrate their skills, abilities and attitudes in attracting and serving visitors.

~ Joe Taylor, President and CEO, Quad Cities Convention and Visitors Bureau