Professional Mentoring Program

A unique feature of the Quad Cities RPTA program is the availability of professional mentors. Mentors help our students establish themselves in the recreation field by counseling students regarding career aspirations. Mentors may also help students with resumes and cover letters, introduce them to other leisure service practitioners, and invite them to participate in professional events. Our mentors are experienced recreation professionals who work in the Quad Cities area. Faculty carefully pair students with mentors based on the goals expressed by the student.

The RPTA Department organizes a mentor-student luncheon in both the Fall and Spring semesters where RPTA-QC students and their mentors meet. Graduates of the RPTA program who have worked with a mentor have reported that their transition into the workplace has been helped by the assistance they have received from their mentors.

"I especially enjoyed the RPTA Mentor Program because it gave me networking contacts in the field I was interested in working after college. I was able to volunteer at my mentors' agencies, be introduced to colleagues of theirs, and learn the best fit for my interests. I feel like the knowledge gained from my mentors in the Quad Cities helped me to advance into a full-time job at the Quad Cities Convention & Visitors Bureau.

My goal as a mentor now is to help other students gain the same advantage that I had years ago. I want to introduce them to volunteer opportunities, guide them to the best internship opportunities, and help them make as many contacts as possible."      

 ~ Joan Kranovich (B.S. 2009, M.S. 2011)

CMP Sales Manager Quad Cities Convention & Visitors Bureau