Department of Art

Prospective Students

New Opportunities For Growth and Development

For all students we offer degree programs, exhibits, visiting artists lectures, and new media experiences that will help you find your place as an artist, designer, or art educator.

To become an Art student at Western Illinois University, you must first be academically admitted to the University: (Apply Now)

Admission to the Department of Art at Western Illinois University is open; a portfolio is not required for admission. However, if you are interested in applying for scholarships, you will need to submit a portfolio. Advice about preparing a portfolio is offered below, and you can find more help on-line. (Note: Applications may be filed at any point during the school year prior to entering; however, early applications are encouraged.

Transfer Student Credit Equivalency

Transfer students are urged to submit a portfolio so that an assessment of strengths and weakness can be made prior to entering classes. Contact the Department of Art Office to learn of specific applicant dates, and scholarship deadline updates.

Information about course equivalencies from a number of Illinois, Iowa, and Wisconsin Colleges and Universities can be found on WIU's Transfer Articulation Handbook page. Use this to help determine how your courses will transfer to the Department of Art. Contact Charles Wright, Chair of the Department of Art to learn of specific equivalencies not found in the Handbook, and to help you determine an appropriate schedule. growth 1

The information found in the Transfer Articulation Handbook page is updated weekly as course equivalents are subject to change. A course may have more than one equivalent based upon the student's declared major at the time of transfer; therefore prospective transfer students are advised to contact their admission counselor, or Tishly Herrington, Transfer Coordinator, at

How to Prepare an Art Portfolio

Here are a three links to help you.