Undergraduate Internship Frequently Asked Questions

What are the application requirements for a Communication internship?

A minimum overall G.P.A. of 2.250 and a minimum major G.P.A. of 2.5, junior standing, and a minimum of 12 hours completed in the Communication major/minor.

What are the site requirements?

The internship site must have an existing Internship Program or supply the Communication Department with a job description and/or list of duties and responsibilities.

How many hours of credit can I receive for an internship?

For every 50 clock hours one credit of internship is awarded. No more than 40 clock hours will be counted during each week.

Is there a minimum or maximum of internship hours that I can apply to my Communication major/minor?

Three hours of internship credit may be applied to a Communication major/minor. Additional hours of internship credit may be used for university elective requirements.

Will I have to pay for credit received from an internship?

Yes, university tuition and fees will apply.

Do I have to find my own internship?

Yes, the student is responsible for securing an internship. See the bulletin board and the internship coordinator for suggestions and current openings.

Are internships limited only to specific companies/organizations?

No, an internship may be awarded at any company/organization as long as the duties and responsibilities can be tied to communication.

What is the procedure for securing an internship?

Once you have been hired for an internship, submit the Department of Communication Internship Application, documentation of company's internship program and/or letter from supervisor, job description, and Major/Minor Coordination form. If approved then submit the completed Internship Agreement. You will not be enrolled in the internship course until the application and agreement have been approved by the academic adviser, the internship site, and the internship coordinator.

Where is the internship coordinator's office?

The internship coordinator is:

Stacey Macchi
Memorial Hall 327
Western Illinois University
1 University Circle
Macomb, IL 61455
Office Phone: (309) 298-1794