A Sampling of Recent Theses Titles - WIU Communication Graduate Students

  • Davisson, Amber (2006). Closeness or separateness?: Narrative paradigm analysis of One Tree and fan fiction based on the television show.
  • Farwell, Christina (2011). Measurements of effective teaching in the traditional and on-line contexts: Teacher immediacy, student motivation, and student learning.
  • Felts, Oresta (2007). Superior-subordinate conflict management face-to-face and in a mediated setting.
  • Haynes, Mary (2004). Let’s fall in love: A comparison of the initiation and development of romantic relationships between on-line and face-to-face partners.
  • Hill, Sarah (2011). Those who think are those who ink: A theory of reasoned action approach to decisions regarding body modification.
  • King, Michele L. (2006). Romantic jealousy, relational uncertainty and relational maintenance in long-distance relationships.
  • Knapp, Christiana M. (2006). Married couples who work together versus who work separately: Differences in marital satisfaction, job satisfaction, intimacy and shared experiences.
  • Mufteyeva, Alfiya (2006). Relational maintenance behaviors, relational satisfaction and commitment related to father's involvement with his child.
  • Norton, Holly E. (2010). Involvement of nontraditional students and communication variables predictive of academic success and persistence.
  • Orlandini/Krier, Lena (2008). Investigating the associations between parental pampering, narcissism, and attachment style.
  • Schoonover, Katie (2012). The audience challenge of cross-sex friendships.
  • Smith, Stacey M. (2003). Feminine political rhetorical style and feminine myth.
  • Zanolla, David A. (2005). A pentadic analysis of the dramas created in the 2004 nomination acceptance addresses.

A Sampling of Recent Creative Project Titles by WIU Communication Graduate Students:

  • Feldman, Shawn (2004). A communication audit of Sierra International.
  • Gonzalez, Bernardo (2003). A communication audit for the corporate office of Administrative Resource Options.
  • Hopphan, Jennifer (2001). Using the Internet to build community in Table Grove, Illinois: An information campaign aimed at educating community members on how to utilize readily available technology to their town's advantage.
  • Roth, April (2007). Training the adult learner: A seminar in critical listening.
  • Torri, Sharon L. (2002). Teachers, technology and TLTC: A persuasive campaign for the Teaching, Learning and Technology Center.
  • Travis, Debra C. (2005). Advancing educational growth: A persuasive campaign for the Thompson Lecture.
  • Walker, Matthew (2002). A communication audit for the Security Department of Par-a-Dice Riverboat Casino.
  • Ward, Shannon M. (2002). "But I'm an Executive – What do you mean I need to learn a thing or two?": A learning development program for executive managers tasked with creating a learning organization.
  • Wentzel, Ashley (2010). Hey You...Listen up! A workshop centered around effective listening skills: A creative project.
  • Wright, Michaela (2005). “Bring on the Heat!” fashion show: A persuasive campaign for promoting the Western Illinois Summer fashion show.