Faculty Senate

Budget Transparency Committee (BTC)

Meetings: Arranged

Place: Arranged

Chair 2019-2020:

  • Betsy Perabo, Liberal Arts and Sciences

Members, 2019-2020:

  • Ilon Lauer, Communication (ExCo)
  • Gloria Delany-Barmann, Education (COEHS)
  • Betsy Perabo, Liberal Arts and Sciences (COAS) 
  • Khaled Zbeeb, Engineering (COBT)
  • Duke Oursler, Art and Design (COFAC)

Duties: To review budgetary items and documents, meet with the Budget Director, serve as consultants to the Faculty Senate and respond to any concerns that may arise at Senate meetings about budget related matters, and serve as a resource to the faculty and Faculty Senate on budgetary questions, issues, and ideas. Members are made up of one senator from each college and one representative from the Senate Executive Committee.


Reports to Faculty Senate: