Human Resources

Employee Spotlight Angela LaFrance

Angela LaFrance

Office Manager
Disability Resource Center

"Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better." - Maya Angelou

Angela works in the Disability Resource Center as an Office Manager. Her main duties revolve around helping our WIU students: supervising student workers and Graduate Assistants, concentrating on personal development for them, training them on use of technology, and ensuring that students receive accommodations they need. In addition, she is responsible for the departmental budget and managing the office.

Angela was born and raised in the Macomb area. She moved away for a while and then returned. She began her WIU career as an extra help employee in the Disability Support area in 2005. Three months later, she was hired as a permanent status employee. She comments, “I have been in this department the entire time I have worked at WIU!” Angela’s favorite part of her job is working closely with the students-helping them, listening to their concerns, being there for them. Angela shares, “WIU has a very welcoming atmosphere! There are so many opportunities here. I finished my degree in May, and that was entirely due to working here. I feel that I accomplished something important.” One of the most memorable experiences at WIU for Angela was indeed her graduation in May from the Bachelor of Arts in General Studies Degree Program. (Congratulations, Angela!!)

Angela indicated that the training she received through the Professional Supervisor Training Certificate Program was very helpful. She mentions, “The training I received was reflected in my performance evaluation. I had a better management style.” Additionally, “having Tara as a Director has been beneficial too. I have learned so much from her about disability, inclusion, and social justice issues.”

When Angela is not working at WIU, she is STILL working…as President and Founder of Epitome Dog Rescue-a non-profit, licensed dog rescue and fostering program. She also lends her musical talent as a lead singer in an area band. She enjoys spending time with her two children and five grandchildren.

HR salutes Angela LaFrance as one of our many committed Civil Service employees at WIU!