Human Resources

Employee Spotlight Kathy Artis

Kathy Artis

Admissions/Records Supervisor
Distance Education Support

Kathy works as an Admissions/Records Supervisor in Distance Education Support. She began her career at Western Illinois University in July 2005 as a Chief Clerk in the same department. The majority of Kathy’s duties are processing applications for admission to the Bachelor of Arts in General Studies Degree Program. Additionally, she evaluates transcripts to transfer credit into the program. She also approves graduation applications.

Kathy’s journey to WIU occurred after she had worked for over 30 years at a grocery store in Rushville. When it closed, she began testing at WIU. She also took course work at Spoon River College. She was called to interview for the Chief Clerk position and was offered the position. She shared, “When I got the position, it felt like home for me!” She began to work on obtaining her Bachelor’s Degree and completed it in 2011. Not many people can say that they are still in the same department in which they began!

For Kathy, it’s the students that keep her coming to work each day. “I see them from the time they are accepted until they graduate. I get to know them well over that period of time.” She added, “I look forward to coming to work. Our team is wonderful to work with!”

It is Joani Wilson that Kathy gives much credit to for helping her along the way. Kathy shared, “Joani was my supervisor for five years and she was great! She was always helpful and always answered my questions. I miss her being here!”

When Kathy isn’t working in Horrabin Hall, she enjoys gardening and babysitting her “grand-puppy,” Bailey! Bailey is a 100 pound golden retriever who they enjoy having on weekends!

HR salutes Kathy Artis as one of our many committed Civil Service employees at WIU!