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Employee Spotlight Tammy Sinnett

Tammy Sinnett

Building Service Foreman
Facilities Management-Building Services

"Let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us."
―Hebrews 12:1

Tammy began her career at Western Illinois University in April 1995 as a Building Service Worker. She was promoted to Building Service Foreman in January 2012 and holds that position currently. Tammy’s primary duties include: providing training for new Building Service Workers (BSWs) before they go to their work sites. Tammy takes a lot of pride in the job she performs. She loves working with her crew. Tammy shared, “Their work is what makes me shine! I love people and I love WIU!”

Tammy’s journey to her current position is an interesting one. You never know how, we as employees, may touch the lives of our students, or be instrumental in bringing good employees to WIU! Tammy left a small high school and came to a big college (WIU). Tammy continues her story, “I came here for one semester and I slept in the lounge of the residence hall. It was a hard time. A BSW came in one night and asked me why I was sleeping in the lounge. I told her that my roommate had locked me out. The wheels began turning and she got me help. I left WIU and joined the army for seven years during Desert Storm. When I got out, I attended Spoon River College for nursing. I worked at Methodist Hospital in Peoria, where I had a patient who worked as a BSW at Western. He told me how much he enjoyed his job and about the good benefits. I applied soon after that and was offered a position, and I took it!”

Tammy enjoys the reward she feels from making the halls look good. “It makes me feel like I have done something for the university. We are all dedicated to WIU! When we clean an area, we do it for a potential family member…think about how you would want it cleaned for your family. Our students could be your family members.”

The BSW Crew

One of Tammy’s best days on the job was when her supervisor told her that she had been selected to be Training Foreman and they allowed her to start training new BSWs. “I always felt this was where I was supposed to be.” Tammy’s heart is definitely in showing the new employees how it’s done!

Tammy credits her crew as a special group that has helped her in her career at Western. She responded, “These BSWs care about this university. People do not realize how much they care. They never ask for anything…even without air conditioning, it could get to 100 degrees and they would still give it their all.”

During Tammy’s free time she is an avid football fan. Her son played football and is now a coach and her future daughter-in-law works in Athletics. “Some students’ parents can’t make it to the games so I cheer for their students at the games too!” Another interest that Tammy has is race horses. She owns an off track race horse and adopts them after their careers have ended. Her father was a horse trainer. They got to spend a lot of time together with their horses. She realized a dream come true, this year, when she attended the Kentucky Derby. Tammy was thrilled to meet the Triple Crown winner and his trainers.

HR salutes Tammy Sinnett as one of our many committed Civil Service employees at WIU!