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Employee Spotlight Joe Butcher

Joe Butcher

Information Technology Support Associate
uTech User Support Services

Joe began his career at Western Illinois University in August 2014 as an Instructional Technology Systems Manager in the uTech Computer Store. In July 2016, Joe moved into his current position of Research and Instructional Consultant Support Technician, known now as Information Technology Support Associate. Duties in Joe's position include computer hardware and software troubleshooting and repair, assisting faculty with examination scoring and departments with faculty evaluation data collection and analysis.

Growing up in Macomb, WIU has always been a special place to Joe, his mother was employed as an Elementary Education advisor at WIU and both of Joe's brothers attended WIU. Joe pursued a major in Music Business with a Marketing minor, graduating in 1999 with a Bachelor's of Arts degree. After graduation, he worked in the tourism industry and then at Hy-Vee before being hired at WIU as the coordinator for the uTech campus computer store. When the computer store was closed in 2016, Joe moved to the uTech Support Center assisting faculty and students at the walk-in support desk, before finally settling into his current position.

Joe loves aiding the students and faculty as a result of this position, and strives to be a customer service oriented individual. Another love for Joe is to solve technology issues of students, faculty and staff with the hope of making their day a little better the resolution of the addressed issue. He enjoys working with colleagues in his area, acknowledging that his coworkers have felt like family from the beginning, making it a joy to come to work every day.

Joe would communicate to prospective and current employees that although WIU is going through a tough time right now, there are a lot of great things still happening on campus. Students will benefit, and the campus will grow stronger as a result of those benefits.

Some of Joe's most memorable experiences include assisting incoming students and families during his time at the computer store. Being able to answer the questions and reassure parents that help would always be provided to the students was a satisfying part of the position.

Joe credits Matthew Clark, Chad Lankford and Sean O'Donnell-Brown for being extremely helpful during his time in uTech. He has learned so much from his colleagues in uTech User Support Services, and acknowledges those willing to share their knowledge to help the University. Aside from daily responsibilities, Joe enjoys occasional potlucks with coworkers in his area. Stating that potlucks give the opportunity to hang out, socialize and build a comradery between coworkers.

In Joe's spare time, you can find him directing and singing in the Prairieland Barbershop Chorus and Quartet. A pastime he shares with his dad and a couple of cousins, keeping him involved in music. Joe also enjoys spending time with family and attending the many activities his kids are involved in.

HR salutes Joe Butcher as one of our many committed Civil Service employees at WIU!