Human Resources

Employee Spotlight Ann Randall

Ann Randall

Applications Programmer III
Administrative Information Management Systems

"Enjoy every day, get what you can out of each day, and appreciate all that we have!"

Ann Randall works as an Applications Programmer III in the Administrative Information Management Systems Department. Ann began her career at WIU in December 1985 as a Secretary II in the Career Services (formerly Occupational Information and Placement) Department. She has achieved progressively responsible positions since she began. Ann's current primary responsibility is to process all Tele-STARS batch email requests for both campuses. These requests total more than 100 requests per month, and involve academic and administrative departments, students and student organizations, as well as Civil Service staff. When asked what she likes most about her job, Ann responded, "There are always new things to learn, and it's ever-changing. It allowed me to continue my education. And I work with wonderful people, they are sharp and I use them as a great resource." Ann's advice to prospective employees? "It's a wonderful place to work! It offers so many opportunities in any interests you may have. I also appreciate and enjoy the training opportunities that Human Resources provide to us…they are very helpful, and it keeps us stimulated to learn more." One of Ann's most memorable experiences was the day she received her Master's Degree. "I was working here at WIU, I was raising a family, and I still managed to achieve that goal. It wasn't always easy, but I'm so happy I did it!" Ann shared, "Tools that help me in my job includes any extra training offered, and taking classes to help with my job." One of Ann's favorite activities to do on campus is to walk at noon. "We have such a beautiful campus, and I enjoy getting outside to get some exercise." When Ann is not informing us of the multitude of activities on campus, she enjoys gardening, exercising, and watching sports programs!

HR salutes Ann Randall as one of our many committed Civil Service employees at WIU!