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Employee Spotlight Megan Welch

Megan Welch

Cashier II
Union Service Center

Megan works as a Cashier II in the Union Service Center, located in the Union Concourse. She began her career at Western Illinois University in October 2013. Megan's responsibilities include: receiving departmental and tuition deposits, making hotel reservations, and answering and directing general questions about the Union and the university. Megan likes being in the center of the Concourse and working with students, constantly. She shared, "I enjoy helping our students!" Her advice for potential new employees is to keep testing. "It's a good place to work, even working in extra-help positions can lead to permanent employment at WIU."

Megan has a most unique memorable experience. "I'm always surprised with the students participate in flash mobs in the Union. You will begin to hear them chanting, then we know what is about to happen…FLASH MOB! I always enjoy it too, when there are student organizations that set up tables in the concourse for different events. I just like being in the center of so many students!"

Megan's WIU journey began when she was a student here at WIU. She worked as a student assistant in the Union Service Center. When she graduated, she obtained an extra-help position there and kept testing until her scores were higher and when an opening occurred and she was hired. She responded, "Working here as a student helped me a lot. It continues to help me now to relate to students, and I think that helps me, help them."

Some of Megan's favorite events to attend at Western are the Homecoming Parade, and the Football and Basketball games. Currently though, she is busy planning her September wedding! Congratulations and best wishes!

HR salutes Megan Welch as one of our many committed Civil Service employees at WIU!