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Employee Spotlight Amy Howe

Amy Howe

Office Manager
University Counseling Center

"I feel so lucky to be an employee here, everyone is so supportive. WIU cares about their employees so much."

Amy works as an Office Manager in the University Counseling Center. Amy began working at Western as an extra-help staff member in the Financial Aid Office in January 2008. She was hired in January, 2010 as an Office Support Associate in the Financial Aid Office and has progressively promoted into her current position in the Counseling Center. Amy's primary duties include: responsible for the departmental budget, administering the ACT/MAT/CLEP tests, and reports to the department director, Jim DiTulio. Amy enjoys the people she works with as well as helping students succeed not only academically but in life. Amy shared, "It's a joy to come to work here. I love my job!"

Amy would advise a prospective employee that working at WIU is the best place to work. "I feel so lucky to be an employee here, everyone is so supportive. WIU cares about their employees so much." When asked to share her most memorable experience, Amy recalled the time when their office won the Student Services Top Flight Team Award, and when Rebecca Flock won the Civil Service Employee of the Year award.

Two things that Amy feels have helped her in her job are the trainings that WIU offers, especially those relating to budget or Excel are helpful. She also meets every other week, with those she supervises, to just check in with them and see how things are going. "I supervise an Office Support Specialist, two graduate assistants, and one student worker. This helps us all stay on the same page, and see if there are any needs/concerns that we can help each other with."

Amy's WIU journey began when she first came here as a student at age 17. She completed her degree in Recreation, Park, and Tourism Administration. She first worked extra help in Financial Aid before getting hired permanently there, and then promoted to the Counseling Center. She just completed her Masters Degree in Sociology! Congrats, Amy!

One of her favorite things to do at WIU is to walk around our beautiful campus, and she loves our new entrance sign. "I always see students taking photos there. It's a nice welcoming entrance!"

When she isn't keeping the Counseling Center going, she stays busy with her two children, Gabe and Bella along with two Boston Terriers. She likes to read and spend time with her family!

HR salutes Amy Howe as one of our many committed Civil Service employees at WIU!