Human Resources

Employee Spotlight Gail Ault

Gail Ault

Office Manager
Political Sciences Department

"Smile…it makes people wonder what you're up to."

Gail works in the Political Science Department as an Office Manager. She enjoys helping students and working with the faculty. She is responsible for the department's social media sites, helps with recruiting students, and also finds time to serve on the Civil Service Employees Council.

Gail came to WIU initially as a student and graduated with her degree in Business Management. She then married and worked in a local law firm before coming here in 2001. She began her employment at WIU in the Math Department. She has currently been in the Political Science Dept. for four years. Gail is also working on her MBA.

"The faculty here inspires me to be more informed on everything." That is the favorite part of my job. One of Gail's best days working at WIU came last December when she was recognized as the "Employee of the Year" for her college. She shared, "It was so amazing to see what the nominators had written about me and my work."

Gail has three children. Their activities and her homework keep her more than busy right now.

HR salutes Gail Ault as one of our many committed Civil Service employees at WIU!