Veterans & Military Personnel

How to Provide a Unique and Effective Orientation for Your Student Veterans

Webinar by Innovative Educators, Boulder, CO
Sponsored by the Western Illinois University Veterans Resource Center
Friday, March 23 ~ 9:00 - 11:00 am
Multipurpose Room, Multicultural Center, Macomb Campus


The vast majority of incoming college students are between 18 and 20 years old. Because of this, most campuses have created an orientation that is geared toward this demographic. Student veterans have been through a much more comprehensive orientation than a campus can ever provide. These students need and deserve an orientation that takes into account their experiences, sacrifices, and unique needs. Dr. John Schupp will describe the military's orientation and compare that with common campus orientations. Learn what you should provide, who should present, and which community members to invite. Discussion will also include strategies for showing your student veterans that they are appreciated, like priority course registration (they have earned it). Participants will also learn how to determine the number of Post 9-11 veterans in their county and region and discuss the impact that they can have on campus and in the community.


  • Learn how to modify your current orientation to fit your student veterans' unique needs
  • Explore what to provide and what not to provide
  • Determine who should be invited to present during the orientation
  • Determine which community members should be invited to attend
  • Discover easy and low-cost (and even no-cost) strategies that you can use to show your student veterans that you appreciate them
  • Review the structure of most campus orientations and how they have developed over the years
  • Compare the military's orientation with a campus orientation
  • Determine the number of Post 9-11 veterans in your county and region
  • Discover the impact that they can have on your campus and community
  • Discover the impact that your campus can have on the veterans and the community

Who should attend:

Staff, faculty, administrators, and students who interact with military student veterans are encouraged to attend this pre-recorded webinar program. Learn the impact the campus community can have on veterans, and the impact veterans can have on the campus and community.