Financial Aid

Mobile Office Hours

Have questions about your financial aid? Don't have time to stop by our office during the day? Come see us at our table in the locations below and get your questions answered!

For Spring 2023, we will be in Thompson Hall every Wednesday school is in session from 5-7PM. We will also be in the University Union every Thursday school is in session from 11AM-2PM


01/18   Thompson Hall                5-7 PM 
01/19   University Union             11AM-2PM 
01/25   Thompson Hall                5-7PM 
01/26   University Union             11AM-2PM
02/01   Thompson Hall                5-7PM 
02/02   University Union             11AM-2PM 
02/08   Thompson Hall                5-7PM 
02/09   University Union             11AM-2PM 
02/15   Thompson Hall                5-7PM
02/16   University Union             11AM-2PM 
02/22   Thompson Hall                5-7PM
02/23   University Union              11AM-2PM
03/01   Thompson Hall                 5-7PM
03/02   University Union              11AM-2PM 
03/08   Thompson Hall                 5-7PM
03/09   University Union              11AM-2PM 
03/22   Thompson Hall                 5-7PM 
03/23   University Union              11AM-2PM
03/29   Thompson Hall                 5-7PM
03/30   University Union              11AM-2PM
04/05   Thompson Hall                 5-7PM 
04/06   University Union              11AM-2PM
04/12   Thompson Hall                 5-7PM
04/13   University Union               11AM-2PM 
04/19   Thompson Hall                  5-7PM 
04/20   University Union               11AM-2PM
04/26   Thompson Hall                  5-7PM
04/27   University Union               11AM-2PM
05/03   Thompson Hall                  5-7PM
05/04   University Union               11AM-2PM