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Angie Louden - Program Assistant

photo of Angie Louden

Angie Louden has been a long-term resident of Macomb. Outside of a short term in Vermont, she lives near the campus with her four children and husband, also a WIU graduate both completing her High School and WIU Bachelor’s Degree in Recreation, Parks and Tourism Administration here. Since coming to the Veteran Resources Center, she has been instrumental in assisting hundreds of Active Duty, Reservists, and Veteran students, along with their families; having served the longest of any of the current staff in the center, she is our institutional memory. In addition to working at VRC, she has previously worked in multiple other offices on campus such as the Centennial Honors College, Student Activities, Athletics, and Educational Studies. She enjoys skiing, biking and being outdoors with her family, and has been able to travel to China, Jamaica, and Canada.

Cory Booher - VA Work Study Student

photo of Cory Booher

Cory Booher is a Sophomore majoring in Engineering Technology. He graduated from Quincy High School and is a bonafide military personnel. Cory is a Marine Corps Veteran who has a solid track record of being in mentoring, supervising, and management roles during his service in the military. Cory’s goal at the Center is to give back to the military affiliated students that serve and connect Veteran students with resources that will benefit them both in their academic and life journey. He aims to be a helpful administrator to effectively navigate the bureaucratic process military students go through when securing all the benefits that are due them. Cory is a native of Quincy, Illinois and has lived in various countries throughout his service in the military.

Kirwin Seger - CSP Graduate Assistant

photo of Priscilla Ofei-Manu

Kirwin Seger is a Graduate Assistant who received his Bachelor’s degree from Juniata College and currently majors in College Student Personnel. He has a wide array of experiences in leadership positions such as intercultural coordination, student support, conflict management, and regional advising. He was selected as the Top Boy Scout in New York City as well as completing three years of the NASPA Undergraduate Fellowship. He is currently learning how to speak Danish in preparation for a study abroad trip to Denmark. He desires to help, support, and empower military affiliated students as they navigate collegiate life at WIU.

Percival Hillanbrand - VA Work Study Student

photo of Percival Hillanbrand

Percival Hillanbrand is a Sophomore pursuing Forensic psychology. A Texas native who graduated from Keller High School, Percival has professional experiences both in office and field settings. He also has a track record of volunteering as a tutor and a library coordinator. His parents both served in the military. His goal is to provide a supportive and friendly environment for the veterans and military affiliated students at WIU. He is looking forward to accomplishing greater things during his university years. Percival is particularly passionate about helping others and hopes to leave the world a better place than he found it.

Priscilla Ofei-Manu - CSP Practicum Student

photo of Priscilla Ofei-Manu

Priscilla Ofei-Manu is an international student and a graduate practicum student majoring in College Student Personnel. Prior to coming to WIU, she graduated from Musashi University in Tokyo, Japan. Her primary goal is to be an administrative asset to the Center and contribute to the success of Veteran students at WIU. She also is looking forward to gaining employment experience and understanding the corporate culture in the United States. She was born in Ghana, spent most of her life in Japan, and is currently exploring the town of Macomb. She is passionate about healthy eating and enjoys reading.

Ronald Pettigrew - Center Director

photo of Ronald Pettigrew

As Director, working within the Student Services Department, in collaboration with other University departments and community organizations, Ronald Pettigrew leads the Center in coordinating Western Illinois University services and resources in one centralized location to ensure all Veterans and service members are afforded the greatest opportunities for success.

Ronald also continues to serve in the Reserves as a military chaplain, with over thirty years of military experience. As a Chaplain and military officer, he has traveled extensively throughout Europe, the Far East, Near East and Pacific with multiple deployments and tours in combat or direct support of those serving in combat. From his military training and experiences, he is a certified trainer in Combat Operation Stress Control, Family Wellness and Critical Incident Stress Debriefings.

Ron previously served for close to ten years as an Academic Advisor at Western Illinois University within the General Studies Degree Program within the School of Global Education and Outreach, previously known as the School of Distance Learning and Outreach. Ron also worked as a Resident Hall Advisor and Director at previous universities he attended and served as a Graduate Advisor in the Multicultural Center and Provost's Office for the First Year Experience and also as a Peer Mentor Coordinator at Western.

Ron received his Bachelor of Arts in International Relations from the University of Southern California (1987), Master of Divinity in Urban Ministry from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, Deerfield, Illinois (1996), and Master of Science from Western Illinois University in College Student Personnel (2009).

In higher education and military arenas, he has taught or co-taught courses in Effective Communication, Career Development, Theology, African American Studies, Research, Conflict Resolution and Mediation, Urban Ministry, Intercultural and College Student Personnel courses.

Ronald has immense passion for military affiliated students and all things related to the military for that matter. You will find him going the extra mile assisting students, and nothing frustrates him more than military students not fully taking advantage of the resources that are due them. He is a dedicated Reservist, Center Director, father, chaplain, mentor, son, and friend to the people around him. His signature question when he picks up the phone is "How can I be a blessing to you?".

Sarah Kitch - Office Support Specialist

Sarah Kitch has lived in the area her whole life and currently resides in Colchester with her two sons. She has worked in several offices across campus and is excited to bring her knowledge to the Veterans Resource Center. Sarah hopes to contribute to the success of all students that visit the VRC. In her free time she enjoys reading and spending time with her boys.