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Violent or Criminal Behavior (Including Active Shooter)

General Information

  1. Be alert to suspicious situations or people and report to OPS (309) 298-1949.
  2. If you are a victim or witness to any on-campus violation of the law, such as assault, robberies, or theft, contact OPS.
  3. Notify OPS as soon as possible and provide the following information:
    1. Nature of incident
    2. Location of incident
    3. Description of person involved
    4. Description of property involved

Active Shooter

It is impossible to set forth the exact procedures that people should follow in every situation as every situation is different. It is important to remain calm and exercise good judgment in applying these guidelines to specific incidents.

  1. If a gunman is firing a weapon on or near campus, get out of the immediate area if it is safe to do so. Call 911 as soon as feasible.
  2. Take cover using any available cover or concealment.
  3. Secure the immediate area:
    1. Lock and barricade the door (if possible).
    2. Turn off lights.
    3. Close blinds.
    4. If the shooter is outside the building, cover the windows (if possible).
    5. Turn off radios and computer monitors.
    6. Keep occupants calm, quiet, and out of sight.
    7. Take adequate cover/protection (e.g., concrete walls, thick desks, filing cabinets, etc.) to be out of the way of stray bullets.
    8. Silence cell phones and pagers.
    9. Place signs/markers in exterior windows to identify location of injured persons or occupied rooms.
  4. Unsecure an area:
    1. Consider all risks before un-securing a room
    2. Remember the shooter will most likely not stop until engaged by an outside force or until taking his or her own life.
    3. Attempts to rescue people should only be made if it can be accomplished without further endangering those inside a secured area.
    4. Consider the safety of masses versus the safety of a few.
    5. If doubt exists for the safety of the individuals inside the room, keep the area secured.
  5. Contact police:
    1. OPS emergency number is 911 if calling from a campus phone.
    2. OPS can also be reached directly by calling (309) 298-1949.
  6. What to report:
    1. Specific location – building name, floor, office/room number
    2. Injuries – number injured types of injuries, etc.
    3. Assailants – location, number of suspects, descriptions, types of weapons, names (if known)