Race, Religion, Gender, and Multidisciplinary Studies

Religious Studies Minor

Excellent Preparation for a Complex and Demanding World

Religious studies is the cross-cultural, interdisciplinary, academic examination of the different religions of the world, and of the phenomenon of religion itself. Its objective is to illuminate the diverse ways that religion shapes people’s lives and transforms cultures and societies. Religious studies does not promote any particular religious ideas or beliefs. Instead, it encourages an appreciation of the rich diversity of religious perspectives.

Why a Minor In Religious Studies?

Religion plays a major role in determining how human beings define themselves, articulate their deepest ideals and values, relate to other people, and live their lives. For these reasons, understanding religion is foundational in understanding human experience. Global citizens need to be conversant in the language, symbols, rituals, and beliefs of the world’s great religions. Tomorrow’s leaders in all fields of human endeavor, including politics, business, law and medicine, need to know how to live in the whole world and how to approach and understand cultures radically different from their own. WIU graduates who minor in Religious Studies will be prepared to apply this knowledge in their lives and in their careers.

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