School of Agriculture

Illinois Soybean Association Funded Research at WIU

In 2006, the Illinois Soybean Association awarded $300,000 to Western Illinois University's School of Agriculture to provide support for soybean related research and education. Since then, more than $60,000 has been awarded to WIU researchers. A partial list of the funded projects follows:


  • Rotation Effect of Pennycress on Soybean and Corn Yield: Win Phippen
  • Practical Cover Crop Management for Soybean Production in Illinois: Joel Gruver
  • Defending Soybean from Insect Pests and Ozone Pollution: Richard Musser and Sue Musser


  • The Co-regulation of Caterpillar and Plant Defense Genes: Richard Musser
  • Impact of Double-Cropping Soybeans II: Win Phippen
  • The Effect of Drift Control Agents on Weed Control with Roundup PowerMax in Roundup-Ready Soybeans and with Ignite in Liberty-Link Soybeans: Gordon Roskamp


  • Impact of Double Cropping Soybeans: Win Phippen
  • Fungal Pathogens as Novel Control Agents for Waterhemp and Pigweeds: Loretta Ortiz-Ribbing (U of I Extension) and Richard Musser (Biological Sciences Department)


  • High Yield Soybeans: Gordon Roskamp
  • Enhancing Soybean Cropping Systems with Winter Oilseeds: Win Phippen and Fred Iutzi
  • Soybean Plant Defense against Insect Herbivory: Richard Musser