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Women in Engineering (WIE)

Women in Engineering (WIE) is a student group which focuses on creating opportunities and encouraging women in engineering and STEM fields. We believe that a successful academic and professional career for young women can be achieved by building a strong network of faculty, mentors, advisors, peers, alums, and professionals from the industry. Therefore, the group aims to connect female students majoring in all the engineering disciplines and those with the STEM backgrounds. Having said that the group encourages diversity and promotes an inclusive environment for all individuals, regardless of their gender. While women have historically been underrepresented in engineering, it is important to recognize that diversity and inclusivity bring unique perspectives and experiences that can lead to innovation and creativity. Currently, the group has a combination of students, faculty, staff, and alums working at John Deere, Shive-Hattery, etc. The group strives to foster personal and professional growth in our students, which will encourage them to pursue engineering and continue their career in the field throughout their lives.

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Western Construction Club (WCC)

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The Western Construction Club (WCC) was created to further students' knowledge in the construction industry.

For more information, contact faculty advisors Dr. Denise Gravitt ( or Dr. Seong Kim ( .

Academic Club of Engineering (ACE)

The purpose of the Academic Club of Engineering (ACE) is to enhance each members’ educational experience by providing academic resources, hands-on experience and community service opportunities. Furthermore, the club will strive to represent and promote the School of Engineering and Technology at WIU-QC by hosting and participating in local engineering related activities.

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