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Campus Safety Notice

Campus Safety Notice: Sexual Misconduct - 2023-06-22

This campus safety notice addresses a report of sexual misconduct.

On Tuesday, June 20, a student reported to the Office of Public Safety (OPS) she was sexually assaulted by a male known to her. The assault occurred June 12 in a residence hall.


A survivor is never responsible for sexual assault. It is a violation of University policy ( to engage in sexual activity without consent. Consent must be clear, coherent, ongoing, and willing.

At Western Illinois University, all reports of assault are taken seriously. The University promotes a culture of community accountability. If you or someone else is in immediate danger or if you believe a crime has been committed, call 9-1-1 immediately.

It is the survivor's choice on how to report sexual assault or misconduct:
1. WIRC Victim Advocates off campus at (309) 837-5555. Trained victim advocates help survivors with counseling, medical care, and legal advocacy.

2. For confidential on-campus assistance, survivors can seek care at the Beu Health Center. Confidential advisors are made available to survivors at the University Counseling Center at (309) 298-2453.

3. Individuals may also report a sexual assault and other sexual misconduct, without the direct involvement of police, to the University's Title IX Coordinator (Office of Equal Opportunity and Access) at (309) 298-1977.

4. The Office of Public Safety (OPS) is available at any time at (309) 298-1949 or by calling 911 in an emergency.

5. Or individuals can utilize any combination of the above resources.