College of Education & Human Services

History, Mission and Vision

College Student Personnel


The College Student Personnel program prepares and graduates effective leaders and reflective practitioners doing socially and ethically responsible work in the field of student affairs.


The College Student Personnel (CSP) graduate program promotes theory-to-practice skills, dispositions, and knowledge necessary for emerging and advancing professionals in the field of student affairs. The program emphasizes learning outcomes and curricula rooted in current and future needs and best practices of the profession, including Council for the Advancement of Standards in Higher Education (CAS) and Professional Competency Areas for Student Affairs Educators (ACPA/NASPA, 2015). Graduate students, as a result of participating in academic coursework and practical experiences, will be able to demonstrate historical knowledge, administrative preparedness, and awareness of sociopolitical issues in higher education contexts.

Counselor Education

Our Mission Statement:

Counselors teaching counselors: knowledge, development, inspiration, and transformation.

Our Vision Statement:

The Department of Counselor Education at Western Illinois University - Quad Cities will be the leader in educational quality, opportunity, and affordability among its peers.