Honors College Program

The Centennial Honors College is a university-wide academic program designed for the academically talented and motivated student. It enrolls approximately 5% of Western's undergraduate population and is offered in conjunction with all 34 undergraduate programs. Its purpose is to provide special learning opportunities within the context of small seminars, mentorship relationships with select faculty, and guided research opportunities. The Honors program also promotes professional growth and leadership opportunities and encourages service and social responsibility.


WIU's Centennial Honors College offers academically talented students an excellent and individually tailored education. The Honors program provides a challenging curriculum to meet the unique academic needs and interests of honors students. Outstanding faculty mentors; socio-cultural activities; professional development, leadership, service and study abroad opportunities enhance the honors experience.

Review the honors requirements for Communication at the Honors College.

What are the program criteria and requirements?

For admission:

  • Entering freshmen must have an ACT composite score of at least 28 to be admitted to the Centennial Honors College OR
  • have a 26 or 27 composite ACT and be in the top 15 percent of their graduating class OR be in the top ten percent of their high school graduating class and have an ACT composite score of at least 24. Western students and transfer students with at least 12 semester hours are admitted if they have a grade point average of at least 3.3 up to 59 semester hours of undergraduate courses, and 3.4 for 60 hours or more.

Maintaining good standing:

Full-time students must take at least one honors course every academic year to remain in good standing in the Centennial Honors College. Part-time students must take one honors course every two years. In addition, to remain in good standing students must maintain the same grade point average as required for entry into the Centennial Honors College. The rationale for this requirement is that a 3.4 GPA is needed to graduate as an Honors Scholar. A 3.5 is required in some programs.

How is the Department of Communication connected to the Honors College?

Faculty from the Department of Communication regularly teach classes that are listed as honors sections. These classes are designed in conjunction with the Honors College.

What are the honors requirements if I am a Communication major?

Honors students interested in a Communication major must complete all requirements as described on the Honors College website.

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