Graduate Faculty

The Graduate faculty are those individuals in the university who have distinguished themselves through their scholarly research and/or professional activities. Only members of the Graduate Faculty shall teach graduate courses and serve on graduate exit option committees. Full members of the Graduate Faculty are eligible to chair the exit option committees of graduate students, as well as conduct graduate seminars. Associate members of the Graduate Faculty are empowered to teach graduate seminars and serve on committees, but may not chair such committees.

The Graduate Faculty of the Department of Communication includes:


Josh Averbeck, Ph.D., University of Oklahoma **
Chris Carpenter, Ph.D., Michigan State University **
Peter F. Jorgensen, Ph.D., University of Arizona **
Ilon Lauer, Ph.D., University of Georgia **
Nathan Miczo, Ph.D., University of Arizona **


Assistant Professors

Ted Avtgis, Ph.D., Kent State University **
Danyang Zhao, Ph.D., Florida State University **


** Full member of the graduate faculty
* Associate member of the graduate faculty

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