Theatre and Dance

Bachelor of Arts in Theatre

Options: Performance, Production/Design  

The Bachelor of Arts in Theatre (BA) degree is a liberal arts degree, with options in performance, or production/design. The 120 semester hours (sh) BA in Theatre provides a well-rounded core of Theatre courses in acting, stagecraft, theatre history, dramatic literature, and theatre design and technology, in addition to upper level study in the option specialties.  

The BA in Theatre does NOT require an audition for admission into the program. Students will be accepted to WIU as BA theatre majors. However, if you are applying for a Talent Grant or Tuition Waiver award, an audition is required.

Contact the department for audition dates and information or click here.

The BA in Theatre is a GradTrac program.

Honors in the BA Theatre program  

There is an honors curriculum in the BA degree program that you may qualify for if you qualify for the University Honors program. Check it out here!

You may also qualify for the Western Commitment Scholarship!


The degree program has four groups of required coursework: General Education courses, Theatre major courses, general electives, and a minor program of study.  Information about the General Education curriculum can be found on the University's website.  

Various combinations of a theatre major and a minor in another area can lead to interesting career paths. The more common minor combinations with a theatre major have been with these fields of study: broadcasting, English, art, music, business management or marketing, family and consumer sciences, fashion merchandising, psychology, recreation, parks and tourism administration and even with kinesiology and law enforcement.

Requirements for the BA program and all options are below.

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