Facilities Management

Drivers and Passengers

Academic, administrative, civil service personnel, graduate assistants, and Board of Trustees members may request and drive University vehicles.

Student employees are allowed to drive University vehicles if driving the vehicle:

  • is considered a requirement of their job
  • the reason for driving for their work department is written in their job description
  • the trip is considered University business
  • and they will only be driving within a 30-mile radius of the home campus.

All drivers must present a valid U. S. driver’s license at the time of vehicle dispatch (Information about international driving permits/licenses). Drivers of 12- and 15-passenger vans must be 21 years of age or older and successfully completed the van training program prior to vehicle dispatch.

Respective Vice-presidential approval must be obtained prior to each trip for a student employee driver leaving the above designated 30-mile radius of the home campus. Vice presidential approval must also be obtained for a non-university entity to ride in a university vehicle. Included with the vice-presidential approval should be a written explanation outlining the benefit or need to allow a student employee to drive outside of the designated radius or the need for a non-university entity to ride in a university owned vehicle.  

Even when vice presidential approval is obtained, no insurance coverage is provided for non-university personnel.  Personal guests, including spouses, and children under the age of 18 that are not employed by Western Illinois University are not permitted to ride in university vehicles.

Once permission has been received, please forward the explanation and respective vice-presidential approval to Transportation Services at transportation@wiu.edu

Due to the extra steps necessary for travel of this nature, requests should be submitted at least three weeks prior to the trip. Once approval is obtained, follow the regular requisition process.

It is preferable that a full-time University employee drive whenever possible. Each trip requires a separate student driver authorization. 

We encourage you to have more than one authorized driver for every trip in a car or minivan when you will be traveling more than 450 miles one way or for any trip in a 12- or15 passenger van when you will be traveling more than 300 miles one way.

Travel by external organizations, such as annuitant associations, booster clubs, credit unions, fraternities and sororities, whose business and purpose is ancillary to the primary mission of the University, is not allowable. Purely recreational, social or entertainment-related trips are not allowable. It is not permissible for children or non-service animals to travel in University vehicles. Personal use of vehicles is not permitted.

International Driving Permits and Eligibility to Drive WIU Vehicles

International Driving Permits are not recognized as valid driver's license in the State of Illinois. Transportation Services may not issue a vehicle to an individual with only an International Permit. The State of Illinois provides that persons with an out-of-State or non-US license may legally drive in Illinois for up to 90 days before seeking an in-State license as a resident of Illinois. The State does offer a Temporary Visitor Driver's License for individuals who are permitted to be in the US legally but will not be acquiring a permanent Illinois Driver's license. The following is a clarification of WIU policy regarding driver's license requirements and eligibility to operate a WIU vehicle:

  1. A valid Illinois Driver's License or a Temporary Visitor Driver's License issued by the State of Illinois are acceptable.
  2. An International Driving Permit is not acceptable.
  3. A holder of only an out-of-State or non-US Driver's License will be required to sign a Statement of Compliance that they understand State law governing Illinois Driver's Licensing requirements and that they are agreeing to comply with those laws before renting or using a WIU vehicle.
  4. This policy applies to all University departments owning, leasing, or renting their own WIU vehicles.

Questions may be directed to Transportation Services, (309) 298-1834 ext. 221.