Facilities Management

Vehicle Return

When returning the vehicle to the Transportation Services Garage, record the finish odometer reading on the request form, close the windows and lock the vehicle. Please note any vehicle problems on the request form. Return the request form, keys, credit card and receipts to the Transportation Services office. If returning after business hours, deposit these items in the slot on the Transportation Services office door. Vehicles must be returned to Transportation Services by the scheduled date and time, regardless of the time of day. Otherwise a late fee will be charged to the appropriate account.

After completion of the trip the mileage charge will be uploaded into Transportation Services' database and charged to the specified account at the end of the month.

Transportation Services assumes no responsibility for items placed in a vehicle before, during, or after a trip. All items found during vehicle cleaning will be placed in a temporary “lost and found” at Transportation Services.

Vehicles returned with damage or obvious signs of abuse will be evaluated per incident. The responsible department may be charged for repairs. Examples include extra cleaning, torn seats, scratches, dented fenders, etc.