Facilities Management

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I covered by insurance?
WIU vehicles are covered by the State of Illinois self-insured plan. This liability plan covers the other driver's vehicle but does not pay for damage sustained by the WIU vehicle. The driver’s department may be responsible for damages if he/she was at fault. Benefits may be denied if vehicles are used for non-university business or contain unauthorized occupants. Employees are covered through workers’ compensation only.

Can I let other people drive the vehicle?
All drivers of WIU fleet vehicles must be employed by the university on the date(s) they are driving.

Do I need to show my driver’s license when picking up the vehicle?
Yes. Drivers who do not present a valid driver's license at the time of dispatch are not allowed to drive. Drivers of 15-passenger vans, 12-passenger vans or cargo vans must also complete the large van training prior to dispatch. Please call in advance for appointment.

Can I take my family and friends with me on trips?
Vice presidential approval must be obtained prior to a non-University person riding in a University vehicle. Even when vice presidential approval is obtained, no insurance coverage is provided for non-University personnel. Children under 18 years of age are never permitted to ride in a University vehicle unless they are employed by WIU.

When finished with my business meeting, can I go shopping at the mall?
WIU vehicles are to be used solely for University related business. An exception to this policy involves extended trips, allowing vehicle travel for dining, lodging purposes, and necessary shopping. Unauthorized use of WIU vehicles may result in denial of future requests.

Can I smoke in the vehicle?
No. The use of smoking tobacco is not permitted in WIU vehicles.

Can I take the vehicle home with me and return it the next day?
No. There is no insurance coverage for our vehicles when they are not in travel status. Vehicles must be parked on WIU property and returned by the scheduled return time. The vehicle may be scheduled on another trip as early as 6:00 AM the next day.

Can I schedule a vehicle a day earlier than my actual trip and take the vehicle home with me to get an early start the next day?
No. Vehicles scheduled for trips departing earlier than 6:00 AM must have the trip sheet and keys dispatched by 4:00PM on the afternoon prior to the trip. The vehicle is not to be driven until the scheduled time of the trip. WIU vehicles are not to be parked at private residences. Drivers will be held responsible for damage to WIU vehicles and/or damage to other property resulting from unauthorized use of WIU vehicles.

I have a medical condition; can I request a particular model of vehicle?
Yes. Bring it to the attention of Transportation Services when requesting a vehicle. All efforts will be made to accommodate special needs.

Is it OK to take my pet with me on trips?
Only service animals are allowed in WIU vehicles.

Can I get a vehicle with air conditioning?
All Transportation Services vehicles are equipped with air conditioning.

When refueling, can I charge snacks and soda to the WIU credit cards?
No. The credit cards are to be used for fuel, oil and minor vehicle repairs only.

I have a trip scheduled for Sunday. Can I pick up the vehicle on Friday afternoon and park it at my home until I leave on Sunday?
The vehicle trip sheet, keys and credit cards will be dispatched to the driver by 4:00 PM on Friday, who then returns on Sunday to begin the trip. Taking the vehicle prior to Sunday is not allowed. The vehicle won't be in travel status until Sunday at the scheduled leave time. Insurance coverage only applies when the vehicle is in scheduled travel status.

I don't know how to shift using a clutch pedal, can I get a vehicle with an automatic transmission?
All Transportation Services vehicles are equipped with automatic transmissions.

I'm scheduled to leave at 2pm, can I get the car at 9am?
Vehicles are constantly being prepared for trips according to the scheduled departure time. Please contact Transportation Services with last minute schedule changes.

If I decide to cancel my trip do I need to contact anyone?
Yes. Please contact Transportation Services with any changes in vehicle travel plans. Cancelled trips will be reassigned to faculty and staff on the waiting list. Please be advised of the following fees and timelines assessed for "no shows" and cancellations:

Cars and Minivans: $15 for trips that are not cancelled 24 hours or one full business day (if the trip is after a weekend or a holiday) before the pick up time on the trip sheet.

12/15 Passenger and Cargo Vans: $25 for trips that are not cancelled 48 hours or two full business days (if the trip is after a weekend or a holiday) before the pick up time on the trip sheet.

Can I schedule a vehicle to the airport and leave it there until I return a week later?
Yes. Daily charges will be added to the normal vehicle rate since the vehicle will not be available for other faculty trips during that time.

Should I report the reckless driving of a WIU vehicle?
Yes. Any complaints relating to the reckless operation of vehicles should be reported to a law enforcement agency and the Vice President for Administrative Services office (vpas@wiu.edu). Any complaints involving "personal" use or misuse of WIU vehicles should also be reported to the VPAS office (vpas@wiu.edu).