Facilities Management

Service Fleet Vehicles

Vehicle Types

The service fleet includes sedans, station wagons, minivans, trucks, and vans. These vehicles are permanently assigned to campus support-related departments.


Service fleet vehicles are refueled at the University Garage. Drivers are responsible for dispensing fuel and checking oil level, etc. A fuel credit card will be issued prior to any extended off campus travel.

Reporting Vehicle Problems

Vehicle problems should be reported promptly to Transportation Services. Vehicles with reported problems that have the potential of becoming safety hazards will be removed from service and inspected by Transportation Services staff. All safety-related repairs will be completed before the vehicle is allowed to return to active service.

Scheduled Maintenance

All service fleet vehicles are maintained according to a date/mileage schedule. Transportation Services records and monitors all scheduled maintenance operations, which include oil change, tune up, brake inspection, transmission inspection, tire rotation, and State of Illinois truck safety inspection. Transportation Services arranges appointments with respective departments to allow maintenance to be performed with minimal interruption of vehicle service. For most departments, scheduled maintenance is included in the "cost per mile" charge.

Extraordinary Repairs

Vehicle repairs beyond the range of normal scheduled maintenance procedures are considered extraordinary. These repair expenses are charged back to the responsible department. A few examples of extraordinary repair include body damage, transmission repair, air conditioner, and windshield.


If an accident occurs:

Make sure all individuals receive medical attention. Secure the names and addresses of people involved, witnesses, and license numbers of other vehicles. Secure the names of the insurance companies for all vehicles involved in the accident. Follow the emergency calling procedures located in the vehicle's glove compartment.

If you are involved in an accident, regardless of how minor it may be, report it as soon as possible to Transportation Services personnel so the vehicle can be inspected. Damage is not always visible.

University Risk Management and Insurance must report all accidents to Risk Management/Auto Liability at CMS in Springfield, Il. within 7 calendar days to insure compliance if the WIU driver is at fault. If you are not able to present the accident report immediately, call the Office of Risk Management and Insurance so the accident can be reported. Failure to comply may result in the driver or the department being liable for all damages. If the accident is the other driver's fault, the accident report is needed as soon as possible to begin the process of collecting payment for damages.

Expenses for vehicle damage considered to be the result of abuse will be charged back to the responsible department. These damages can include dented fenders, cigarette burns, torn seats, extensive cleaning, etc.