Justice, Inclusion, Diversity and Equity

  • Academic Resources (Rocky's Resources): WIU Offers supprot and academic skill development in many ways. WIU is committed to assisting students in finding success in virtual and on-campus academic environments. There are many links to learn more about tutoring, success workshops and more.
  • Beu Health Center: A full-service medical clinic offering quality outpatient health care, student health insurance, and health education and wellness education to registerd WIU students. At Beu, students individual needs are attended to in a confidential and caring matter.
  • Disability Resources: While WIU is committed to access and inclusion, it is not possible to anticipate all barriers that might exist for individuals with disabilities. Therefore, the SDSC is the campus department designated by the University to work with students through an interactive process to determine disability and hear requests for reasonable accommodations.
  • LGBT*QA Resource Center: Provides a supportive space to examine trans* and other identities.
  • Office of Equal Opportunity & Access: Ensures that University policies and programs are in compliance with federal and state regulatory agencies.
  • People to Address Comments & Complaints: Student and graduate comments and complaints are addressed separately for discrimination, ethics, police conduct, and/or all other institutional issues. Listed are the university policy, procedure and contact information for each complaint.
  • Student Development & Success Center: Assists students through their transitional periods focusing on academic and personal development. Can assist with absences, care reporting and referrals, emergency and crisis followup, military activations and University withdrawls.
  • Student Legal Advocate: Assistance in nagivating the legal system. Appointments are confidential and the services are free to WIU students.
  • Student Resources:Links to other helpful resources.
  • Title IX Resources: List of resources to help with Title IX.
  • University Counseling Center: Provides free, personal counseling services to currently enrolled WIU undergraduate and graduate students.

Faculty Resources

Anti-Semitism and Islamophobia

Guides and Strategies

Considerations and Reflections

Your Silence is Loud
Change the victims in the article to a different identity (Palestinian, Black, Latinx, LGBT+, Female, immigrant, and so on) and the message about silence can be just as thought-provoking.

Civilians are Dying
Change the victims in the article to a different identity and the message about death and suffering can be just as painful and thought-provoking.

Kalven Committee: Report on the University's Role in Political and Social Action
A 1967 University of Chicago report that encourages institutional neutrality.