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Resisting Antisemitism

Dr. Amy Carr - February 13, 2024

What is anti-Semitism? What is the difference between being anti-Semitic and criticizing the policies of Israel, the world's only majority-Jewish country? What are the debates about that difference? How has anti-Judaism been present in Christian imagination, and what are some ways that post-Holocaust Christians and Jews have worked together to repair the damage of centuries of Christian anti-Judaism? Join us for a historically-grounded conversation about anti-Semitism, anti-Judaism, and lessons from efforts to address them.

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Equity Tools & Resources for Faculty Engagement Workshop

Julie Clemens - November 3, 2023

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Implicit Bias & Micro Aggressions

Identify & Overcome Personal Prejudices & Judgments to Improve Connections & Engagement
Rev. Dr. Jamie Washington - October 12, 2023

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