Financial Aid

Money Management - Top Picks for WIU Students

40 Money Management Tips

Tips Every College Student Should Know

Think of it as your crash course in money management. The goal? To help you become confident and financially independent as you continue your education. When you learn how to take control of your money, your money will not take control of you.

How to Calculate Your Manageable Debt Burden

Debt burden is the percentage of your future monthly income that will be required to make student loan repayments. Student aid research generally considers a monthly debt burden of 8-10% of income as “manageable”. Use the Debt/Salary Wizard to determine what your manageable debt burden should be.

Mapping Your Future

12 Step Guide to Financial Success

How to make sure that the way you manage your money falls in line with the values that matter most to you.

Financial Lessons

Understanding Credit Scores

Your credit score is the key to your financial life and is used by mortgage lenders, car loan lenders, credit card companies, landlords, cell-phone companies, and even prospective employers to size whether you are a good or bad credit risk.