Financial Aid

Consortium Agreements

What is a consortium agreement?

A consortium agreement allows WIU students receiving financial aid through the university to register for classes at a partner community college in order to receive financial aid for courses taken at both schools. 

Who is eligible to participate?

To be eligible, a WIU student must be receiving financial aid and taking a minimum of three credit hours per semester at WIU.  The courses taken at the community college must be required for a WIU degree and the hours must be able to transfer to WIU. Coursework eligibility will be confirmed by a WIU academic advisor before financial aid approval is granted.

If coursework is taken at a community college without a consortium agreement, the Financial Aid Office is unable to include those hours in the determination of the financial aid package.

WIU currently has consortium agreements with the following community colleges:

  • Black Hawk Community College
  • Eastern Iowa Community College District (EICCD):
    • Scott Community College
    • Clinton Community College
    • Muscatine Community College

What is the application process?

The following paperwork must be submitted every semester before a Consortium Agreement is complete:

  1. Consortium Acknowledgement Form
  2. Transcript Request Form
  3. Community College Enrollment Agreement
  4. A copy of the community college course schedule
  5. Other documentation depending on the community college the student has chosen to attend

Consortium paperwork must be submitted every semester - packets containing information for specific schools can be picked up at the Financial Aid Office in the Quad Cities.

When a consortium agreement is submitted, the WIU Financial Aid Office calculates the number of hours taken from both schools to give full consideration for financial aid funds.  Adjustments may be made to: Pell Grant, MAP Grant (if attending an Illinois community college), and Federal Direct Loan funds. 

Any refunds from financial aid may be used to pay a remaining balance with the community college.  It is the student’s responsibility to pay the bill at the community college.

If you have questions or would like more information, please use our online Consortium Information Request or contact Financial Aid at (309) 762-9080.