Financial Aid

Study Abroad Programs

Studying abroad can be a unique and fulfilling experience, and financial aid is available for eligible students - in fact, most financial aid programs available for on-campus study are also available for study abroad.

The WIU Office of Study Abroad holds regular informational meetings,  which are crucial to understanding the application process and programs available. Once you have attended a meeting, contact a WIU Study Abroad Advisor to determine the program that is right for you.

Once you have selected a program, the Study Abroad Advisor confirms your enrollment, verifies expenses, and provides the necessary information to the Financial Aid Office. If you haven't already, make sure to complete your FAFSA  as soon as possible, the same way you would if you were studying on campus. Make sure to review available Study Abroad Scholarships  as well!

The Financial Aid Office will assess your FAFSA and post an Award letter on STARS based on your financial aid eligibility and the costs provided by the Study Abroad Advisor.

For exchange programs, financial aid will credit your University account to cover study abroad program charges. The balance of your financial aid will be refunded to you to help you cover incidental expenses.

For affiliate programs, the student is responsible for paying study abroad program expenses upfront, before financial aid can be disbursed. You will see an Illinois MAP Grant (if you are eligible) and a Study Abroad Tuition Waiver on your award letter and on your billing account that will only go toward the Study Abroad tuition you will see on your billing account.  Once other financial aid is credited to your University account, it will be refunded to you.


  • You may be required to pay for various costs before receiving your financial aid and/or scholarships (i.e. deposits, passport/visa application fees, immunizations and vaccinations, etc.).
  • The earliest financial aid can be disbursed is ten days prior to the start of your study abroad classes.
  • Any federal student loans issued for one semester must be issued in two disbursements.
  • If your grades do not arrive by the end of the WIU semester, it may impact your ability to meet WIU Satisfactory Academic Progress requirements  and receive student aid in the future.
  • For more information, visit the WIU Office of Study Abroad  or call (309) 298-2504.