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Fraternity/Sorority Accountability Reports

Occasionally, the University is presented with information calling into question a fraternal organization's compliance with University and/or Governing Council policies. Western Illinois University takes any and all alleged violations of Federal, State, and Local Laws as well as University and Governing Council Policy seriously. The Office of Student Engagement, Office of Student Rights & Responsibilities, and the Fraternity/Sorority Community have mechanisms in place for such instances.

In an effort to provide increased transparency to the community, the University publishes the conduct records of student organizations.

The publication includes all incidents that result in primary sanctions of Disciplinary Probation or greater, and the outcome remains published for three academic years after issuance or until the sanction is complete, if the sanction takes longer than three years to complete. 

We add records to the list as conduct outcomes become final post-appeal period, and we remove eligible records within 30 days of the end of each academic semester.

Under each organization's name, the listed information details the date of the violation, sanctions, the section of the Code the organization violated, and the summary.

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Recent Accountability History of Recognized Chapters at WIU

  • Tau Kappa Epsilon 
    • Conduct Status: University Deferred Suspension through May 19, 2023
    • Date of Incident: February 26, 2022
    • Code Violation(s):  1- University Policy, 4- Engaging in harmful or potentially harmful behaviors, 
      21- Using, possessing, manufacturing, or distributing alcoholic beverages, 26- Committing violations of rules and regulations established by other University
      departments, 27- Failing to maintain reasonable control of areas or objects
    • Sanctions:
      • Loss of Social Privileges (with & without alcohol), Intramurals, Greek Week, and Homecoming
        Activities, and Voting Rights within IFC
      • Not eligible for 2022 Awards 
      • Must attend all FSL designated Educational Speakers

Unrecognized Organizations

Some organizations once recognized fraternities or sororities Western Illinois University may attempt to continue to operate despite having lost recognition from the University and/or their Inter/National Organization. Any operation of these groups is considered underground activity, is against university policy, and is not sanctioned by the Office of Student Activities. These organizations have had their recognition revoked by the institution or their National Organization for various reasons. These organizations have in almost all cases also had their charter suspended or revoked by their inter/national organization because they were not upholding fraternal values and were engaging in risky behaviors that endangered the members and other students.

Individuals attempting to operate under the disbanded organization’s name, will be subject to disciplinary action through the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities. When an organization loses recognition, official notice is given to active members of the organization and the fraternity and sorority community. The University will maintain a relationship with the Inter/National Organization, and should both parties agree, the organization may be reinstated a a later agreed upon date.

The following is a listing of Unrecognized Fraternity/Sorority Organizations:

Organization Letters Former
Alias(es) Unrecognized
Alpha Sigma Tau  AΣT PHC Taus April 2021
Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc.  ZΦΒ UGC Zetas February 2020 - returning Fall 2023
Delta Sigma Phi DSP IFC   February 2015
Beta Phi Pi
Fraternity, Inc.
ΒΦΠ UGC   December 2014
Delta Chi  ΔΧ IFC D-Chi January 2005
Delta Sigma Phi ΔΣΦ IFC Delta Sig 2014
Delta Sigma Theta
Sorority, Inc.
ΔΣΘ UGC Deltas April 1998
Phi Kappa Theta ΦΚΘ IFC   May 2006
Phi Sigma Kappa ΦΣΚ IFC   November 2002
Pi Kappa Alpha ΠΚΑ IFC Pikes 2014
Sigma Tau Gamma ΣΤΓ IFC S-T-G April 2011
                  Organizations denoted with a ** are currently under a disciplinary sanction. Contact Fraternity/Sorority Life at for additional details.

Dormant Organizations

Some organizations choose to cease operations for a number of reasons. Some of these may include a sustainable number of active/initiated members, lack of interest on the part of the active/initiated members in maintaining the organization, and/or lack of volunteer support for an undergraduate chapter.

The following list of organizations are considered Dormant Organizations as they ceased operations at Western Illinois University in good standing.

Organization Letters Former Council Dormant Since
Sigma Pi ΣΠ IFC June 2023
Alpha Omicron Pi ΑΟΠ PHC 1986
Alpha Tau Omega ΑΤΩ IFC Fall 1999
Iota Phi Theta Fraternity, Inc. ΙΦΘ UGC Fall 2012
Lambda Chi Alpha ΛΧΑ IFC February 1999
Phi Rho Eta Fraternity, Inc. ΦΡΗ UGC June 2013
Sigma Kappa ΣΚ PHC May 2011
Sigma Nu ΣΝ IFC November 2000
Zeta Tau Alpha ΖΤΑ PHC 1979