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Roster Management FAQ
How often should I update my roster?
  • Your roster should be updated in “real time,” so anytime a member is removed within the organization or goes inactive, they should be removed on the University’s Official Roster by utilizing this form on Leaherneck Link.
What if I don’t see a member on my roster?
  • Then they’re not on your Official Roster through the University. They will need to fill out the Member Affiliation Card and the Chapter President will be added as a Reviewer (on Leatherneck Link) to approve the member.
Recruitment happened yesterday. Why don’t I see my new members on my roster?
  • Be patient! FSL staff has to manual enter every single person from recruitment into the backend of the system. We will send out roster updates to chapters on a monthly basis.
New Member/Recruitment/Intake Forms
  • Potential New Member- Interest Form
    • Register for recruitment/intake – complete the Potential New Member Interest Form. This form authorizes us to verify your grades and eligibility and share that information with an organization. Includes educational record disclosure & the hazing policy
  • Member Affiliation Card (MAC)
    • This form is for chapters to have new members fill out once they have been offered an invitation to join, for any members who transferred from another institution or are returning/readmitting to being an active member.
  • UGC Intent to Induct Form
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